10 + 1 Aldeias mais Bonitas do Mundo

10 + 1 Most Beautiful Villages in the World
If you wish to go to a place of peace and relaxation, then you will have to choose one of the most beautiful villages in the world, where beauty, simplicity and serenity are the clear characteristics.
Perhaps you wish to move to the countryside and wish to find a village that speaks your language, well, not literary. Still perhaps you only wish to see who other people around  the world have chosen to live their lives and how their small communities look like and differ from your own. Some pretty amazing villages are waiting for you to pay a virtual visit.

10. Dutch Villages - Netherlands

The Dutch Village is a great example of millennial organization and good taste. The small crowded pursed houses all alike form a beautiful emplacement for humans to live in.

9. Japanese Village - Japan

One of the most ancient and amazing villages in the world, the Japanese Village is a real example of keeping in touch with nature by using natural materials to build houses. Also, the Japanese villages all work with the natural surroundings, not try to change it in any ways.

8. Ma`an Village - China
The Ma`an Chinese Village is an amazing architectural piece that speaks about the organization and lifestyle of one of the oldest civilizations in this world. The specific almost flat wooden roofs and the crowded houses are a signature of how beautifully man can live when they stick close to each other.

7. Berber Village - Marrocos

The Moroccan Berber Village is one of the most amazing examples that dirt built houses can last for centuries and still stand tall. Carved in stone or build from pressed mud, the Moroccan houses are marvelous creations that permitted life to exist in this harsh climate.

6. Popeye Village - Malta Island

The unusual Popeye Village of Malta Island is a man made village built as a tourist attraction for all the Popeye fans who wish to see where Popeye lived most his life. Although Popeye never set foot here, we believe the Maltese people were clever enough to make some money out of the classic cartoon.

5. Roussillon Village - France

Roussillon Village of France is the idyllic rural place to visit in France, sip some amazing wine and enjoy the local cheeses. There’s plenty to see and admire here besides the tight village streets and beautiful houses, that is the beautiful landscape that surrounds the place.

4. White Casares village - Spain

The White Casares village is one of the most amazing Mediterranean villages ever built on the sea shore. These beautiful white houses that top each other and have lasted together for so many centuries express tranquility  cleanness and the joy of being alive!

3. Stone Village - UK

The Stone Village is another architectural masterpiece that uses traditional building materials, white painted windows and lots of beautiful flowers practically everywhere. These rural area of UK are embellished with the beautiful rural flower gardens as well as the never ending hills.

2. Tuscany villages - Italy

Tuscany villages are one of the few places in the world that I would visit tomorrow if I could. These romantic sets detached from medieval times when living was easy make me think that I lived there in a past life, or perhaps I would chose to live in a future one.

1. Bariachara - Colombia

Bariachara of Colombia. It’s safe to say that the Mayan civilization has left their traditions and beliefs among the Columbia citizen, while the colonists have brought along with them the beautiful architectural style that can be seen in the church and the other houses that seem strung together along the dusty rural roads. Now this is an amazing place.

11. Piódão - Portugal

O Piódão é uma aldeia tradicional portuguesa na Beira Litoral. Situado em plena Paisagem Protegida da Serra de Açor, com paisagens magníficas, o Piódão é uma das mais pitorescas aldeias de Portugal, conhecida pelas suas casas de xisto encavalitadas umas nas outras e uma série de sinuosas ruas e travessas, dando-lhe um charme que faz desta aldeia o local único e atractivo que é. Apesar de poder dar a volta à aldeia de carro, só pode atravessá-la de pé, pois muitas das ruas são extremamente estreitas e tem escadas. As bicicletas estão também fora de questão - por causa das escadas.

Source: mylifeisbrilliant.com and wikipedia.org


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