10 Melhores Discotecas do Mundo (2012)

10 Best Night Clubs of the World (2012)
The nightlife doesn’t limit itself to North America, from Germany to England, Spain to Singapore, there are nightclubs that constantly try to stake the claim as “Best in the World.” We’ve narrowed down the list to the top ten best nightclubs in the world for music.

10. Cielo - New York City, U.S.

If you’re looking for the best house music in New York City, there are only two venues worth mentioning: Pacha NYC and Cielo. For those ravers and techno-music junkies out there who nightly crave the sounds of deep European dance music and floor-pulsing, heavy-hitting house in an upscale environment, Cielo is where it’s at. Found between 9th and Washington in the Meatpacking District, Cielo boasts a simple space, with a ‘70s playboy feel and a rowdy Ibiza flare, with nothing but house music, and those who crave it, filling the nightclub. Since 2004, the posh party haven has racked up tons of titles, including “Best Deep House Club” (New York Magazine, 2006), “Best Club” (ClubWorld, 2008) and “Best Party” for Dance.Here.Now (ClubWorld, 2009). Perhaps it’s the world-famous DJs this club attracts or perhaps it’s the reputation that continuously propels Cielo’s success that keep it going strong, but either way, it doesn’t look like this venue will be leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

9. Club Space - Miami, U.S.

Miami’s known to be a mecca for house music. Nightlife in Miami is without a doubt tops when it comes to the U.S., and downtown Miami is the home of one of the best nightclubs in North America, and one of the best clubs in the world for music. Club Space has been a staple in nightlife for Miami for over a decade now. Their Dynacord sound system is impeccable and delivers the kind of bass that rattles your soul on the dance floor. Some of the best DJ/producers from around the world, have played and continue to play their infamous Terrace.
24-hour liquor license. No, you aren't misreading this. Whether you're looking to party at 11 p.m. or 7 a.m., Space's cavernous Miami off-shoot is there to help you torture your liver in style. There's just no staying sober.

8. The Guvernment - Toronto, Canada

We don’t always consider Toronto when it comes to the best places in the world to hear the best music, but in our opinion, The Guvernment has changed that stereotype. This 22,000-square-foot nightclub (or shall we say, “entertainment complex”) has been around for over a decade, and has won EYE Magazine’s “Best Dance Club” award twice during its reign. With so much space, this venue draws both DJ talent and décor from all over the world—disco balls and white drapery recall Miami nightclubs, and red-velvet-drenched alcoves filled with hookah smoke summon Moroccan culture. Rather than travel the world in search of the best nightclub, why not let the sounds and sights of the world’s best clubs come to you. The best part about The Guvernment, is that it does not just reel in DJ talent, the nightclub also doubles as a concert venue.

7. Stereo - Montreal, Canada

The sound system at this nightclub alone is enough to entice some of the hottest DJs in the world to spin on Stereo’s turntables. Even the walls are designed to optimize the sound inside this nightclub, with an inside wall three feet away from the outer walls, creating what the venue describes as a “box in a box” technique to get the beats sounding less like they’re blaring from static-ey club speakers and more like they're coming from a recording studio. Pair the incredible acoustics with top-notch DJ talent and a dancefloor which rests on shock absorbers (to keep your dance moves and energy going strong throughout the night) and you’ve got the recipe to one of the best nightclubs in the world for music and all-around partying.

6. Watergate - Berlin, Germany

If there’s one club that you should definitely visit before you die, it has to be the marvelous spectacle that is Berlin’s Watergate. It’s a ridiculously well designed split-level nightlife venue that overlooks the River Spree. It’s truly a visual mind for anyone inside, and the sound is perfectly spread throughout the venue, giving everyone in the club a perfect listening experience. What it’s known for most is its LED lighting system that runs the length of the club right above you. Their resident VJ always knows how to tweak the lights to whoever is in the booth. Watergate is definitely one of the best clubs in the world for music.

5. Zouk - Singapore

The vibe at Zouk, propelled by the music that resonates from its walls, is really what earns this place a spot on our list of the best clubs in the world. Their motto is “One world, one music. One tribe. One dance.” Alright, we can get down to that. They regularly bring in underground new talent. Zouk it’s been open for almost 20 years now, we can safely say that this nightclub (pardon the cliché) is aging like a fine wine.

4. Space - Ibiza, Spain

One thing that Space Ibiza edges on is its size. Space Ibiza is known for its all day parties featuring sets that lasts hours. It’s an insane scene to describe. Just think of a circus mating with an evil music festival… that’s Space Ibiza for you. You need real stamina to party with the folks here, another reason why it’s one of the best clubs in the world for music. The crowd here gets in when the doors open and Space Ibiza closes up whenever they choose. This could take a while so be sure you’re in the mood.

3. Matter - London, UK

This colossal venue just across the Atlantic is one of the best clubs in the world for music. Matter in London resembles more of a haunted futuristic ship, and the party is at the ship’s helm. From the lighting, to the 2nd floor walkway, a lot of bodies can be packed into this venue for their star-studded shows. From above, you can see a sea of the sweaty masses dancing along to DJ-production legends. When you combine size, design and sound, and deliver like Matter does, you’re automatically considered one of the best clubs in the world for music.

2. Pacha - Ibiza, Spain

What is there to be said about Pacha Ibiza. Just the two words together—“Pacha” and “Ibiza”—proclaim this nightclub as one of the best in the world for house music. And as one of the leaders in the house music industry who has chosen Pacha Ibiza is a reigning force in the nightclub world. Pacha Ibiza is of top nightclubs in the world, and with a resume stacked with the likes everyone from David Guetta and Tiesto to Steve Lawler and Carl Cox, Pacha Ibiza deserves a spot on our list of the best nightclubs in the world for music.
Note: Pacha in Ibiza, which opened in 1973. Pacha has branches in London, New York City, Madrid, Munich, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

1. Fabric - London, UK

Once Fabric opened its doors back in 1999, the legendary venue quickly began bringing in the big names in electronic music. They made it a point to bring in the best. Their main point was to upgrade the acid house experience for the 21st century. The booking team at Fabric is one of the best in the world, not just sticking to big names, but trying out new artists that would really add a better musical angle to the club. While most clubs try and stick to big names that look good on tickets, the usual crowd at Fabric is always on its toes to see who the next best DJ/producer is.

Source: clubplanet.com


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