10 Melhores Países para o trabalho (no equilíbrio perfeito)

10 Best Countries to Work (in the perfect balance)
Finding the perfect balance between work, family and leisure is one of the keys to happiness in life, but not all nations are created equal when it comes to fostering that balance. Many Americans may be surprised to learn that the U.S. lags far behind most other Western nations in regard to the kinds of free time it affords its workers. For instance, while the vast majority of European nations mandate paid vacation or holiday time for their workers, the U.S. has no such mandate. The truth is just as grim when it comes to paid maternity leave. The United States, along with Papua New Guinea and Swaziland, are the only countries in the world that do not require some form of maternity leave.
Note: Based on statistics such as vacation time, parental leave, and work/life balance.

10. Germany

According to statistics compiled by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Germans work just 27.8 hours per week, one of the lowest standards among countries studied in the OECD. Although you might think fewer hours worked should mean a lower standard of living, Germany defies the odds. Not only do Germans maintain a high standard of living, but Germany also maintains one of the strongest economies in Europe. Thus, those extra hours each week translate directly into providing a healthier work/life balance.

9. Bulgaria
Varna Bulgaria garden.jpg
There are few nations in the world that make it easier for workers to raise a family than Bulgaria. Bulgarians are given up to 410 days of paid maternity leave at 90 percent of the mother's salary, 45 days of which must be taken prior to the birth of the child. Parents are also eligible for a second year of paid parental leave at a minimum salary. Even better, both the father and the grandparents can take the second year of maternity leave in place of the mother, if necessary.

8. Brazil

Brazil is most notable for offering workers the most paid vacation days per year in the world. Full-time workers can earn a whopping 41 paid days off — 30 of those days are mandated for leisure time at the worker's convenience, and the other 11 are considered paid federal holidays. That's a lot of free time for family, fun in the public park or on beach!

7. France

According to the OECD, French people work nearly 200 hours less each year than other countries in the organization. France is also a world leader when it comes to the number of paid vacation days: 40 in total, 30 of which are mandated and 10 of which are public holiday.

6. Finland

Like Brazil and France, Finland is one of the world leaders in offering paid vacation days — up to 40 days a year, including 30 of which are mandated, and 10 more as public holiday. Additionally, only .04 percent of Finnish workers work more than 50 hours a week on average, an important indicator for a healthy work/life balance.

5. Netherlands

No employees are on the job less per year than those in the Netherlands, according to the OECD. Workers clock only 1,378 hours per year, or 27.6 hours per week. Like Germany, however, the Netherlands maintains a healthy GDP and high standard of living in spite of fewer hours on the job. On top of that, they are given 28 paid vacation days per year, and 16 weeks of paid maternity leave at 100 percent of their salaries. As if that weren't enough, Dutch workers are also offered tax breaks on an additional 26 weeks of unpaid maternity leave if required.

4. Norway

Norway is a world leader when it comes to offering substantial parental leave to workers. A parent is given as much as 47 weeks at 100 percent salary, or 57 weeks at 80 percent salary. Nine weeks are reserved for the mother, 12 weeks (the "daddy's quota") are reserved for the father, and the parents can share the rest. Norwegian workers are also given a healthy 35 days of paid vacation per year. Norway has one of the strongest GDPs in the world, so they must be doing something right!

3. Denmark

Denmark was ranked No. 1 in the world for providing the best work/life balance by the OECD. It has a number of factors working for it: a full 52 weeks of paid maternity leave, 34 total days of paid vacation, and only .04 percent of workers are on the job more than 50 hours per week. Additionally, the OECD calculated that as many as 16.31 hours per day are dedicated to personal care among Danish workers.

2. Lithuania
Neris River in Vilnius at Green Bridge.JPG
Believe it or not, but Lithuania is a bastion for the working class. It is the only nation tied with Brazil in offering the most total paid vacation days in the world at 41 ("only" 28 are mandated, but 13 are public holiday). Lithuania also offers a generous maternity leave: one year of leave at 100 percent salary, or if parents opt to take two years off, the first year is set at 70 percent salary and at 40 percent in the second year.

1. Sweden

Sweden is widely acknowledged as offering the most generous parental leave benefits in the world. As many as 480 days, or 16 months, of paid parental leave is offered to workers, 60 days of which are reserved for the father. Furthermore, those 480 days can be spent however the parents see fit over the first eight years of their child's life. Sweden also offers a generous 36 days of paid vacation every year, and ranks firmly in the top countries in the OECD with the best work/life balance.

Source: mnn.com/money


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