10 Países cujo Capital não é a sua maior Cidade

10 Countries whose Capital is not their largest City
This is a list of sovereign states whose capital is not their largest city, by population.
Note: There are currently 4 dozens of countries whose capital is not their largest city.

1. People's Republic of China
Capital: Beijing - 22,000,000
Shanghai - Nanjing Road.jpeg
Largest city: Shanghai - 23,210,000
Ratio: 1.055
Note: Beijing is the second largest city of China. Shanghai is the largest city in China and the world, (though not the largest metropolitan area in the world).

2. India
Capital: New Delhi - 249,998
Worli skyline with BSWL.jpg
Largest city: Mumbai - 18,414,288
Ratio: 46.88
Note: New Delhi is part of the Delhi metropolitan area which has 16,314,838 inhabitants.

3. Pakistan
Capital: Islamabad - 1,740,000
Largest city: Karachi - 18,000,000
Ratio: 10.28
Note: Karachi was the capital from 1947 to 1958.

4. Turkey
Capital: Ankara - 3,763,591
Ortakoy mosque.jpg
Largest city: Istanbul - 12,782,960
Ratio: 3.4
Note: Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1922.

5. Brazil
Capital: Brasília - 2,557,158
Avenida Rebouças.jpg
Largest city: São Paulo - 11,150,249
Ratio: 4.55
Note: Brasília is a planned city, inaugurated in 1960, and serving as the Brazilian capital since then. Rio de Janeiro, the former capital, was the capital of Brazil from 1763 until 1960 (and largest city in Brazil from 1654 to 1954). São Paulo has never been the capital, but became the most populous city in Brazil in 1954, a position it has held since then. As of the 2010 Brazilian census, Brasília is the fifth most populous city in Brazil, and the seventh largest metropolitan area.

6. United States
Capital: Washington, D.C. - 601,723
New york times square-terabass.jpg
Largest city: New York City - 8,391,881
Ratio: 13.94
Note: New York was the capital 1785–1790 and the largest city in 1790 (narrowly edging out the next capital, Philadelphia, which served as capital from 1790 to 1800). Philadelphia was the nation's second-largest city when it was the capital.

7. Nigeria
Capital: Abuja - 778,567
Lagos, Nigeria 57991.jpg
Largest city: Lagos - 7,937,932
Ratio: 10.2
Note: Lagos was the capital until 1991.

8. Vietnam
Capital: Hanoi - 6,500,000
Xe buýt.JPG
Largest city: Ho Chi Minh City - 7,123,340
Ratio: 1.1
Note: Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, was the capital of South Vietnam prior to reunification.

9. Australia
Capital: Canberra - 345,000
City of sydney from the balmain wharf dusk cropped2.jpg
Largest city: Sydney - 4,627,345
Ratio: 13.0
Note: Although Canberra has always been Australia's Capital City, the national parliament met in Melbourne, Victoria until 1927. Melbourne is Australia's 2nd most populous city (4,137,432)

10. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Capital: Yamoussoukro - 200,659
Largest city: Abidjan - 4,348,000
Ratio: 21.7
Note: Abidjan was the capital until 1983.

Source: wikipedia.org


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