10 Lugares na terra com elevações abaixo do nível do mar

10 Places on land with elevations below sea level
This is a list of places below mean sea level that are on land. Places in tunnels, mines, basements, dug holes (also with open sky), under water, under ice, or existing temporarily as a result of ebbing of sea tide etc. are not included. All figures are in meters below sea level.

1. Dead Sea, Jordan - West Bank - Israel
File:Dead Sea Halite View 031712.jpg
−427 m (−1,401 ft)
Note: lowest land in Asia and the world

2. Jericho, West Bank, (Palestine)
File:Jericho from above.jpg
−258 m (−846 ft)
Note: lowest city in world.

3. Sea of Galilee, Israel
212.07 m (695.8 ft)

4. Tiberias, Israel
File:Sea of Galilee 2008.JPG
−207 m (−679 ft)

5. Lac Assal, Djibouti
File:Lake Assal 3-Djibouti.jpg
−155 m (−509 ft)
Note: lowest land in Africa

6. Ayding Lake, Turfan Depression, China
−154 m (−505 ft)

7. Karagiye, Caspian Depression, Kazakhstan
File:View of Karagiye Depression.JPG
−138 m (−453 ft)

8. Qattara Depression, Egypt
File:Qattara Depression (March 2007).jpg
−133 m (−436 ft)

9. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
File:Erta Ale.jpg
−125 m (−410 ft)
Note: The Danakil Depression is a desert basin which lies in the Danakil Desert in north-eastern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea. It belongs to the homeland of the Afar people. It lies up to 100 m below sea level as a result of tectonic activity caused by plate movements. The presence of many volcanoes in the region, including Erta Ale and the Dabbahu Volcano in the middle of the depression, also finds its cause in these plate movements.

10. Bet She'an, Israel
File:BetShe'an - panorama of mountains in Jordan with Tell El-Husn.jpg
−120 m (−394 ft)

11. Laguna del Carbón, Argentina

−105 m (−344 ft)
Note: lowest land in America

12. Badwater, Death Valley, USA
File:Badwater elevation sign.jpg
−86 m (−282 ft)
Note: lowest land in North America

Source: wikipedia.org


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