10 Maiores usinas hidrelétricas do Mundo

10 Largest hydroelectric power stations of the World
List of the largest hydroelectric power stations by generating capacity until 2013.

1. Three Gorges Dam, People's Republic of China
River: Yangtze
Installed Capacity (MW): 22,500
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 98.1
Years of completion: 2003/2012
Area flooded (km²): 632

2. Itaipu Dam,Brazil / Paraguay
River: Paraná
Installed Capacity (MW): 14,000
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 98.3
Years of completion: 1984/1991, 2003
Area flooded (km²): 1,350

3. Guri, Venezuela
River: Caroní
Installed Capacity (MW): 10,200
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 53.41
Years of completion: 1978, 1986
Area flooded (km²): 4,250

4. Tucuruí, Brazil
File:Hidrelétrica de Tucuruí.jpg
River: Tocantins
Installed Capacity (MW): 8,370
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 41.43
Years of completion: 1984
Area flooded (km²): 3,014

5. Grand Coulee, United States
File:Grand Coulee Dam Panorama Smaller.jpg
River: Columbia
Installed Capacity (MW): 6,809
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 20
Years of completion: 1942/1950, 1973, 1975/1980, 1984/1985
Area flooded (km²): 324

6. Longtan Dam, People's Republic of China
File:Longtan Dam.jpg
River: Hongshui
Installed Capacity (MW): 6,426
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 18.7
Years of completion: 2007/2009

7. Krasnoyarskaya, Russia
River: Yenisei
Installed Capacity (MW): 6,000
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 20.4
Years of completion: 1972
Area flooded (km²): 2,000

8. Robert-Bourassa, Canada
File:Staircase of the giants-2.jpg
River: La Grande
Installed Capacity (MW): 5,616
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 26.5
Years of completion: 1979/1981
Area flooded (km²): 2,835

9. Churchill Falls, Canada

River: Churchill
Installed Capacity (MW): 5,428
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 35
Years of completion: 1971/1974
Area flooded (km²): 6,988

10. Bratskaya, Russia
File:RIAN archive 154495 Dam of Bratsk hydroelectric power plant.jpg
River: Angara
Installed Capacity (MW): 4,500
Annual electricity production (TW-hour): 22.6
Years of completion: 1967
Area flooded (km²): 5,470

The Largest Under construction:
a. Baihetan, China
River: Jinsha
Expected capacity (MW): 13,050
Expected completition Location: 2019

b. Belo Monte, Brazil

River: Xingu
Expected capacity (MW): 11,000
Expected completition Location: 2015

Source: wikipedia.org


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