10 Montanhas-Russas mais loucas do Mundo

10 Craziest Roller Coasters in the World
Faster, Higher, ... stunning. A trip to the 10 craziest roller coasters in the world.

1. Full Throttle, Los Angeles, USA

A roller coaster at the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain is the tallest and fastest in the world.

2. Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi, Dubai

For those who have the stomach, the roller coaster amusement park Ferrari offers a hallucinatory trip to 240 km / hour.

3. Colossus  Thorpe Park, USA

This was the first roller coaster to turn passengers upside down. The trip on the Colossus, which has as its theme the ruins of a civilization of Atlantis recently unearthed, consists of 10 investments made at different heights.

4. Kingda Ka, New Jersey, USA

Measures 139 meters, about 40 levels, and can attain a speed of 206 miles per hour.

5. Dodonpa, Yamanashi, Japan

This coaster is unique in accelerating from 0 to 172 km / h in just 2 seconds thanks to a compressed air system

6. The Riddler's Revenge, Los Angeles, USA

The ride this roller coaster lasts three minutes on a track of about 1332 meters. It has a speed of 104 miles per hour and turns unlike passengers six times.

7. Leap the Dips, Pennsylvania, USA

Located in Lakemont Park and is the oldest operating roller coaster in the world. Closed in 1985 for refurbishment, reopening later in 1999. Despite making travel at an average speed of only 10 kilometers per hour was christened as National Historic Heritage.

8. Superman: Escape from Krypton, Los Angeles, USA

It is the third roller coaster with the biggest drop. It is characterized by trip start pushing passengers back - 100 miles per hour - as you go up the track, causing them to descend in free fall from a height of 41 floors.

9. Viper, Los Angeles, USA

When opened in 1990, was the tallest roller coaster and the world's fastest. Was the first to take passengers to dizzying heights.

10. Tatsu, Los Angeles, USA

Classified as a roller coaster 'flying' in this genre is the highest, fastest and longest. The trip is about 62 miles per hour on a track of about 1098 meters.


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