10 Trens mais Rápidos do Mundo

10 High-speed Trains of the World
The following is a list of high-speed trains, limited to conventional wheeled trains, that have been, are, or will be in commercial service.
A high-speed train is one intended for regular operations at speeds of over 200 km/h (125 mph), with a high level of service, and generally comprising multi-powered elements.
Standard hauled trains, often able to reach 200 km/h, such as French Corail or German IC trains, unconventional trains, such as maglev and transrapid, and prototypes are excluded.

1. Acela Express, United States
File:Acela 2000.jpg
Operators: Amtrak
Family: TGV-derived
Manufacturer: Bombardier/Alstom
Operating speed: 241 km/h 
Design speed: 266 km/h
Year entered service: 2000

2. .Italo ETR 575, Italy
File:Normal NTV ETR575 04 Milano Lambrate.jpg
Operators: NTV
Family: AGV
Manufacturer: Alstom/Alstom Italia
Operating speed: 300 km/h
Design speed: 360 km/h
Year entered service: 2011

3. Afrosiyob, Uzbekistan
File:Hi-speed trains Afrosiyab (Uzbekistan).JPG
Operators: UTY
Family: Talgo 250
Manufacturer: Talgo/Ingeteam
Operating speed: 250 km/h
Design speed: 250 km/h
Year entered service: 2011
Records max speed: 255 km/h

4. Alfa Pendular, Portugal
File:Portuguese Railways Alfa Pendular train at Lisboa-Santa Apolonia Railway Station.jpg
Operators: CP - Comboios de Portugal, EPE (Trains of Portugal)
Family: Pendolino
Manufacturer: Fiat Ferroviaria

Operating speed: 220 km/h
Design speed: 220 km/h

Year entered service: 1998
Records max speed: 236.6 km/h

5. AVE Class 100, Spain
File:Renfe clase 100.JPG
Operators: RENFE
Family: TGV
Manufacturer: Alstom/CAF
Operating speed: 300 km/h
Design speed: 300 km/h
Year entered service: 1992
Records max speed: 357 km/h

6. AVE Class 102 - 112, Spain
File:Talgo 350.jpg
Operators: RENFE
Family: Talgo 350
Manufacturer: Talgo/Bombardier
Operating speed: 300 km/h
Design speed: 330 km/h
Year entered service: 2005
Records max speed: 365 km/h

7. AVE Class 103, Spain
File:S3272 Bf Madrid Atocha, 103 xxx.jpg
Operators: RENFE
Family: Siemens Velaro
Manufacturer: Siemens
Operating speed: 310 km/h
Design speed: 350 km/h
Year entered service: 2006
Records max speed: 403.7 km/h

8. AVE Class 105, Spain

Operators: RENFE
Family: Oaris
Manufacturer: CAF
Design speed: 350 km/h
Year entered service: 2012


Talgo begin the trials of the prototype in the first half of 2012.
Family: AVRIL
Manufacturer: Talgo
Design speed: 380 km/h
Year entered service: 2012

10. BR Class 180, United Kingdom

Operators: First Hull Trains
                    Northern Rail
                    Grand Central
Family: Coradia
Manufacturer: Alstom
Operating speed: 201 km/h
Design speed: 201 km/h
Year entered service: 2002

Source: wikipedia.org


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