10 + 1 Países com o QI mais alto

10 + 1 Countries with the Highest IQ
Research Date: 4.28.2013
Intelligence quotient (IQ abbreviated, general purpose) is a measurement obtained by tests designed to evaluate cognitive abilities (intelligence) of a subject, compared to their age group. The measure of IQ is normalized so that its average value is 100 and has a certain standard deviation as 15.
Intelligence tests have emerged in China in the fifth century, and began to be used scientifically in France in the twentieth century.

Note: In case of ties follows the country classification by letters of the alphabet.

1. Hong Kong
Average IQ: 107

2. South Korea
Average IQ: 106

3. Japan
Average IQ: 105

4. Taiwan
Average IQ: 104

5. Singapore
Average IQ: 103

6. Austria
Average IQ: 102

6. Germany
Average IQ: 102

6. Italy
Average IQ: 102

6. Netherlands
Average IQ: 102

10. Sweden
Average IQ: 101

10. Switzerland
Average IQ: 101

Source: IQ and the Wealth of Nations and statisticbrain.com


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