10 + 4 Capas Mais Estranhas para iPhone

10 + 4 Weirdest covers for iPhone
The business case for the iPhone worth millions annually and there are designs to suit all tastes, from the most simplistic to the most extravagant.
If I was in doubt to buy a cover for your iPhone, would you identify with any of these?

1. For those who like Manga
1 – Para quem gosta de Manga
A cover with a very suggestive Asian doll relaxing in a bathtub. Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the cap from the drain.

2. For those who like Westerns
3 – Para os fãs do Macchiato do Starbucks
Download an app with sounds of gun shots to use this cover in full the preferred John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

3. For fans of Macchiato from Starbucks
2 – Para quem gosta de Westerns
A cover with a holder for cups of Starbucks, a great concept for those who do not pass the environment without attending this hipster coffee shop.

4. Who is always listening
4 – Para quem está sempre à escuta
The spies of the CIA and the NSA are required to use these covers on their iPhones. We do not realize why.

5. For those addicted to skateboarding
5 – Para os viciados em skate
The "board" is broken and only got the front wheels, which makes this cover even more weird.

6. For women who have something to hide
6 – Para as mulheres que têm algo a esconder
The bras have always been the one piece of clothing worn by women to hide anything: while the money is placed in the canopy, the iPhone is diverted to the area of ​​the armpit.

7. Who does not like free hands
7 – Para quem não gosta de mãos livres
Retract your iPhone a few years and turn it into a landline.

8. Who does not like to give confidence
8 – Para quem não gosta de dar confiança
This cover features a small spray with pepper spray to ward off unwanted companies.

9. Who is part of a gang
9 – Para quem faz parte de um gangue
We've all found ourselves in a situation where we have to go suddenly a gang fight. That's where this cover.

10. For those who think that the eyes also eat
10 – Para quem acha que os olhos também comem
A good cover style, created by the Japanese, where the storage of food in a box is an art.

11. For those who like to have everything in one place ...
11  -Para quem gosta de ter tudo no mesmo sítio…
and ... for those who want to lose everything at once, of course.

12. For those who enjoy seafood
12 – Para quem gosta de marisco
There is a steamed lobster, but plasticized.

13. For retrogamers
14 – Para os retrogamers
A cover washcloth all in the first version of PlayStation. And brings a penduricalho to imitate a command as a bonus.

14. For / the forever alones
15 – Para os/as forever alones
If you like to feel a helping hand when talking on the phone, this case is ideal for you.

Source: pcguia.sapo.pt


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