10 Caminhões mais Potentes do Mundo

10 Most Powerfull Trucks in the World
Trucks, or lorries for those who use the Queen’s language, are vehicles specially designed to transport cargo. They come in different sizes, configurations, and load capacities. A couple of companies have come out with trucks with power outputs so powerful that they could put even super cars to shame. These two companies are Scania and Volvo, and they have made the fight for the title of the most powerful truck in the world a Battle of Sweden.

1. FH 16 750 - Volvo

This Swedish model draws attention for its power of 700 horses. Now, it is possible to conduct a more powerful with 750 horsepower. Such force could not let go of comfort: you can choose three cabin configurations, all with premium finish. The history of FH 16 began in 1987, and today stands as the ideal tool to pull loads of great volume in mountainous regions and hills.

2. R730 - Scania

In 2004, Scania started to manufacture and distribute the R-series. This has already won the International Truck of the Year award twice, in 2005 and 2010. The R-series is available in both truck and rigid types, and has been optimized for long haulage. Different axle configurations are available, and buyers can also choose the chassis height and suspension. Its styling is distinctive and the generous cab comfort has earned for it kudos from the trucking world.
The most powerful variant in the R-series is the R730. It is one of the most powerful production trucks in the world today. It features a 16.4 liter DC 16 turbo diesel V8 engine. This engine can produce 730 horsepower at 1,900 rpm. It also has torque of 3,500 N-m at up to 1,350 rpm.

3. TGX V8 - MAN

The TGX 18.680 V8 is the answer to the German premium competitors, and offers a powertrain that reaches 680 horsepower. According to the German manufacturer, the cabin offers a high comfort for the driver, which can cross long distances road safely. It is offered in 4x2 configuration.

4. V8 - Scania

This powerful truck is offered in two power options: 560 and 620 horses. Equipped with the engine Scania 16-liter eight-cylinder V, V8 vehicles are renowned for their fuel economy and also the heaviest jobs with light loads. The high torque at low rpm creates the possibility of further fuel savings, and the motors are regulated to provide large torque already at idle, to facilitate startup. The maximum torque is produced from 1,000 rpm (revolutions per minute).

5. Coronado SD - Freightliner

This American model is intended for heavy transport in severe conditions. With three engine configurations, can reach 600 horsepower and cargo capacity of up to 42 tons. The cabin can also be customized and is offered in versions like simple bed.

6. W900 - Kenworth
File: W900-Kenworth.jpg
Anyone following the series of Cable "Ice Truckers" has seen this hulking American showing what it is capable to cross inhospitable frozen roads in Alaska. Your engine starts in 475 horses, but can reach 600 horsepower, making it ideal for pull interlink and loads of volume.

7. 389 - Peterbilt

Another American classic that has been up "movie star": the previous model 379 served as the "body" of the character Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots Transformers series. In real life, the Cummins ISX15 engine can reach 600 horsepower for road transport operations long distance.

8. 4900 - Western Star

Founded in 1967 in the United States and controlled by German group Daimler, Western Star specializes in the manufacture of premium models like this 4900, which can be purchased in three configurations (EX, SF and SB) - all with the possibility of including engines 600 horsepower. It is primarily designed for long distance road transport, and it is common to find it on Australian roads pulling three trailers (sometimes even more) and equipped with snorkels (for passing on wetlands).

9. Stralis AS - Iveco

The AS is Active Space because its cabin is roomy and comfortable. At their high ceiling, measuring 3.8 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. And the engine reaches 560 horsepower. Other details were designed especially for this giant, which brings the command keys on-board computer (with level 32 and Arla econômetro), and the keys of the automated transmission (D, N, R), driving economic (ECO), limiting speed, hitter electric cabin and interior lights.

10. Magnum - Renault Trucks

Renault is also well known for the quality of its extra-heavy trucks. The model Magnum bet in design and aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption, but does not skimp on the power of your engine DXi13: 520 horses.

Mining Truks:
Cat 797 - Caterpillar

Hard to take this giant throne. When you think of big truck, the Cat 797 immediately comes to mind. With its diesel engine Cat C175-20 (and a tank with a capacity of 3785 liters of fuel), the behemoth on wheels delivers a power output of 4,000 horsepower. All this power is directed to the hard work in the mining area, where the vehicle is able to carry loads of 400 tons (usually copper, coal, iron ore and gold). The dimensions also surprising: it has total length of 15.08 meters and a width of 9.5 meters. The tires measure about 4 feet tall. And the driver to reach the cockpit, he must climb a ladder 6.5 meters.

Source: caminhoes.icarros.com.br


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