10 Maiores arsenais de armas de fogo civis no Mundo

10 largest Civilian Firearms Arsenals in the World
Most of the world’s firearms are privately owned.
They include improvised craft guns as well as handguns, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns. The legal definition of a civilian firearm varies; some states allow civilian ownership of certain firearms that are restricted to military use in other states. The word civilian is used here to refer to actual possession, not legality.

Law enforcement (Police): 26 million.
Armed forces: 200 million.
Civilians (650 million, including gangs (2–10 million), private security companies (1.7–3.7 million) and non-state armed groups (1.1–1.8 million))

Note: Whereas the Small Arms Survey (2010, pp. 101–03) estimates that armed groups hold about 1.4 million firearms,± 25 per cent, rounded.

1. United States of America

Estimated civilian firearms: (270,000,000)
U.S. President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Maryland, in this White House handout photo taken last Aug. 4, 2012. Reuters/White House Handout

2. India

Estimated civilian firearms: (46,000,000)

3. China

Estimated civilian firearms: (40,000,000)

4. Germany

Estimated civilian firearms: (25,000,000)

5. Pakistan

Estimated civilian firearms: (18,000,000)

6. Mexico

Estimated civilian firearms: (15,500,000)

7. Brazil

Estimated civilian firearms: (14,840,000)

8. Russia

Estimated civilian firearms: (12,750,000)

9. Yemen

Estimated civilian firearms: (11,500,000)

10. Thailand

Estimated civilian firearms: (10,000,000)

11. Others
Estimated civilian firearms: (186,410,000)

Source: wikipedia.org and smallarmssurvey.org


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