10 Países mais ameaçados por desastres naturais

10 Countries most Threatened by Natural Disasters
Many of these countries are considered havens on earth ... until the day that can turn into a piece of hell.

1. Vanuatu

It is a small archipelago in the Pacific, which is part of the group of islands in the region of the New Hebrides. Vanuatu is close to the Solomon Islands and Fiji. Consisting of 83 islands, the archipelago has dozens of active volcanoes, many terrestrial and submarine.

2. Tonga

Like Vanuatu, Tonga has little infrastructure, which hampers rescue in case of adverse natural events. With ground limestone, the islands of Tonga have intense volcanic eruptions.
3. Philippines

Hurricanes and major storms usually punish the country year after year and the local population has been fighting to have an effective system to help them deal with the problems.

4. Solomon Islands

Located in the same region of Vanuatu also has high volcanic activity and even handles an additional factor: the low altitude. With rising sea level, much of the coast of the Solomon Islands will be swallowed by the ocean.

5. Guatemala

Located in Central America, this country also has breathtaking scenery. Like other countries, it also suffers from a large amount of volcanoes that reach the incredible 4000 meters.

6. Bangladesh

The main feature of the region is the occurrence of heavy rainfall and high humidity. Extratropical cyclones and floods are common in Bangladesh.

7. East Timor

Known by the conflicts of the last decades, the East Timor suffers from poverty and the fury of nature. Also located in the monsoon region faces frequent rain and the lack of infrastructure, the population situation is aggravated by any unusual occurrence.

8. Costa Rica

By geographical location, the country is constantly hit by earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms.

9. Cambodia

It is a densely populated country and facing yearly flooding of the land.

10. El Salvador

Located in Central America, faces the same problems of Guatemala and Costa Rica. Its territory is occupied by several active volcanoes such as the Santa Ana, San Vicente and Conchagua.

Source: vidaeestilo.terra.com.br


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