10 Parques de Dinossauros no Mundo (Theme Park)

10 Dinosaur Parks in the World
A dinosaur park usually refers to a Theme park in which several life-size sculptures or models of prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs are displayed. The first dinosaur park worldwide was Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in London which opened in 1854.

1. Crystal Palace Dinosaurs - London, UK
File:Crystal Palace Dinosaurs overview.jpg

2. Bałtów Jurassic Park - Ostrowiec County, Poland
File:Baltow,Poland Diplodocus+Allosaurus.jpg

3. Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen (DinoPark) - Rehburg-Loccum, Germany

4. Dino-Zoo du Doubs - Charbonnières-les-Sapins, France

5. Parco della Preistoria di Rivolta d'Adda (Rivolta d'Adda Prehistory Park) - Cremona, Italy

6. Dinosaur World - Florida, Kentucky and Texas, US
File:Dinosaur World (Plant City, Florida) entrance 02.jpg

7. Valle de la Prehistoria - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
File:Parque Baconao.jpg

8. Styrassic Park - Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

9. DinoPark Pilsen - Plzeň, Czech Republic

10. Dinosaur Park at Palmer Coolum Resort - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Source: wikipedia.org  and these theme parks


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