10 + 1 Melhores jogadores de todas as Copas do Mundo

10 + 1 Best Players of all FIFA World CUP
11 Dream Players of all World Cup; the selection of the dreams of every World Cup the world.
Choose one of 11 World history is a challenge fruitless and cruel, as many players unforgettable stay outside.
Thousands of players have experienced the World Championships over the last 80 years, but few were as striking as these 11.
And for you ? What would be the fantastic team of all world football?

1. Gordon Banks (Goalkeeper)

The England goalkeeper was one of the figures of the selection of England in the 1966 World Cup, helping his nation to win their only world title. Four years later even made what is considered one of the best defenses ever, denying a goal with a header from Pele stretched almost impossible.

2. Cafu (defense)

The Brazilian defender embodies the best tradition canary in this position , which could also be Carlos Alberto Torres. However, Cafu had the merit of longevity, winning two World Cups (1994 and 2002 ), losing even the end of 1998. An ideal speed, and technical ability to disrupt the attack.

3. Franz Beckenbauer (defense)

The ' Kaiser ' marked not only the history of German football, as European football. His leadership led Germany to victory in the 1974 World Cup and could even still made ​​in the skin picker in 1990. Your class, intelligence and attitude made ​​the difference on the field.

4. Franco Baresi (defense)

The central trans was crowned World Champion in 1982 and three more during World spread its class. Revered as one of the best centers ever, Franco Baresi is the perfect image of the stereotype that no one defends better in football than the Italian players.

5. Paolo Maldini (defense)
Companion Baresi in hundreds of games, the Italian side could never be a world champion . But he left his mark of elegance, cunning and sportsmanship over 23 games, giving it the title of a second player with the most matches at the World Championships.

6. Lothar Matthaus (Midfield)

Over 150 internationals, Lothar Matthaus marked an era in Germany. There were five World Cups, a record 25 games, a world title and many big plays a medium who knew attacking as well as defending. Even when they retreated to pass the play as libero.

7. Diego Maradona (Midfield)

' El Pibe ' could not miss in a team based on players who have passed through the World. Incidentally, just remember the 1986 edition in Mexico, where he carried her back to the national team to victory. Not that it was necessary to make by hand or dribble the opponents half. A unique talent, unpredictable and unforgettable.

8. Zidane (Midfield)

Few players have handled the ball with both affection and respect. ' Zizou ' was the face of multicultural France snatched the 1998 World Cup and almost repeated the feat in 2006. One of the best players ever in the competition, which left a trail of magic, creativity and elegance.

9. Pelé (attack)

The ' Pele ' would always be these choices, if only the statistical criteria of being the only three-time World Player. However, his 12 goals and countless memorable plays Brazilian player mandating its presence. After all, that was the World Pelé became eternal.

10. Ronaldo (attack)

Far could have gotten the ' Phenomenon ' were it not for the serious injuries that have marked his career? The former Brazilian international holds the record of 15 goals in the competition, having been canaries in the triumphs of 1994 and 2002. But it was the magic of his feet and the intelligence of its shares to allocate you a place on this team.

11. Gerd Muller (attack)

The ' Bomber ' German was a machine for making goals and needed just two appearances in World to record 14 goals. Timely, cunning and lethal in front of goal, Muller helped with its many goals to cement the maxim that in football are 11 against 11 and end ... wins Germany.

Source : desporto.sapo.pt


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