10 + 2 Profissões não-veterinárias que envolvem cães

10 + 2 Jobs that do not involve veterinary dogs
Want to work with dogs ? There are several professions beyond the branch veterinarian that allow you to live daily with these animals . Some can be made by people with little experience , others require years of dedication .

1. Coach
Coach of dogs
Help owners deal with the problems of dog is a well established profession . Requires a lot of knowledge , technique and also a good dose of intuition. The coach deals with easy cases , such as the socialization of dogs , but also with more complicated cases , solving behavioral problems in dogs , including aggression .

2 . Hotel or doggie daycare

Caring for dogs during the day or 24 hours a profession could not be more connected to animals . Working for a hotel who has a job is usually open to anyone who has less experience , but who knows with time can not open your own business .

3 . Groomer

Wash and shear animals requires qualification and some experience before you can embark on this profession as owner of his own space . Browse work of an expert search and training in schools.

4 . Dog Walking or Dog- Sitter

This is a profession usually performed by young people who need a part-time . You do not need a lot of experience , just enough energy and many bags to pick up the droppings !
Besides walking the animals , owners may want more help at holiday time . Taking care of the dogs while the owners are away is not as common as taking care of cats , but there are owners who prefer this option to leave the animals in hotels. The Dog- sitter usually takes the dog for a walk once or several times a day , give him food to eat and clean the area where the animal is (if the animal has done needs , for example) . Some dog- sitters stay overnight at the home of the owners of the animals .

5 . Judges and handlers

Judges dog shows or handlers ( the person accompanying the dog in the ring ) are professions that require a lot of knowledge . Will be working with breeders that are usually very informed people about the breed they create. Both one and the other require travel throughout the country and even outside Portugal .

6 . Fashion Dogs

If you have a sense of aesthetics and realize how the sewing machine has so much to explore with regard to canine fashion . Small breeds are very popular and they do not go without a coat in winter. The same can be said of the apartment dogs regarding raincoats , among others .

7 . Photographer

The magic of the photographs is not limited to humans and most owners want to capture the essence of the dog through the lens . There are photographers who are dedicated exclusively to photographing animals . Some have started with a simple hobby and now is dedicated to photography of animals full time . But much more is needed than knowing handling a camera. It takes a lot of patience with animals and know how to conquer the dogs , often through the stomach !

8 . Inventor product

The market for pets is growing increasingly . The owners now buy products never before even thought to sell . Put your imagination to work , get a good product and who knows if it is the principle of a lucrative career !

9 . Artist

If you have a talent for painting or sculpture, put to work! There are several artists who focus exclusively on creating animal portraits on canvas or create true works of art with dogs in mind .

10 . Therapist with animals or Assistance dogs

If you want to help humans by animals , inquire about it . It becomes increasingly clear the positive influence that dogs may have eaten humans with problems . Be autistic people with trauma , etc. . If you have a dog who thinks he can be a good therapist can make a career helping others .
Assistance dogs are animals useful to society and expensive to form. It can engage in creating and training animals for this purpose. You need enough knowledge and dedication.

11 . Masseuse
The massages , though still perceived as a luxury clothing , are in many cases therapy . Help animals cope with chronic pain and ailments with natural aging . It is an area that is being explored by groomers . You need training .

12 . Writer
If you like to write can start by creating a blog and attempting to establish partnerships with magazines or other publications about animals . If you decide to invest in training , may even become a magazine journalist specializing in dogs .

Creativity !
There are niche professions that were created by the people themselves . All it takes talent and imagination to find something that can be done this way . We let two examples that can inspire .

Owners who want to immortalize their miniature animals seek Lucy Maloney ( http://miniature-dogs-cats.com/shop/ ) . She creates small dolls from real dogs and can imitate them so well that seen in a photo almost look real .

For movies or advertising that dogs require a certain color or pattern , Rose Ordile ( http://www.animalcolorist.com/ ) created the niche coloring animals . Paints with non-toxic to dogs and other animals coloration is sought. It was she who "painted " the dog from the film " The Artist ."

Source : arcadenoe.sapo.pt


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