10 Países mais violentos do Mundo (2013)

10 Most Violent Countries in the World (2013 )
The Institute for Economics and Peace published a list of the 10 most violent countries in the world . About 162 countries entered in the analysis of GPI ( Global Peace Index ) , which uses 22 indicators to calculate the level of internal and external conflict in every nation .

10. Central African Republic

3.031 Global Peace Index Score
The index of political terror , the Central African Republic almost reaches the maximum level .
Organized crime nationwide. And easy access to arms is also taken into account so that the country occupies the tenth position in the list of the most violent countries in the world.

9. North Korea

3.044 Global Peace Index Score
North Korea did test with long distance ballistic rockets , capable of carrying nuclear charges , which can cross the Pacific and reach the U.S. coast . On the scale of " political terror ".
The dictatorship of the country is known as one of the world's strictest isolating its citizens from external influences.

8. Russia

3.060 Global Peace Index Score
Easy access to guns is one of the factors that make Russia occupy the eighth place in the list of the most violent countries in the world.
Moreover, separatist conflicts (Caucasus Violence) linked to Islamist movements also difficult relations with neighboring countries . Terrorist acts originating from these areas bring insecurity to the population.

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

3.085 Global Peace Index Score
The colonization of the country by the Belgian is considered one of the most violent in human history and a legacy of blood that continued until the present day.
Access to weapons is as easy in the country that kids can buy them without a problem and sometimes even earn gift militias . The level of " political terror " in Congo reaches the highest score!

6. Pakistan

3.106 Global Peace Index Score
Among the indicators used to calculate the rate of conflicts in Pakistan , is the largest of the " political terror " . This index shows the level of instability within the state borders.
In addition , the country also received a negative score to measure problems with neighboring countries.

5. Sudan

3.242 Global Peace Index Score
With the creation of South Sudan , the humanitarian crisis in the region has grown .
Approximately 10.5 % of the population consists of refugees.
Access to weapons reaches maximum level , as well as the " political terror " referring to the internal instability of the country.
Problems with neighbors makes Sudan receive negative note.

4. Iraq

3.245 Global Peace Index Score
American troops , who were in the country since 2003, when Saddam Hussein was deposed , retired in late 2011. Since then , Iraq suffers with a growing number of terrorist attacks.

3. Syria

3.393 Global Peace Index Score
No need to talk much because today is at the center of attention for use of chemical weapons like Sarin.

2. Somalia

3.394 Global Peace Index Score
The country received top marks in almost all indicators of the Institute for Economics and Peace.
Easy access to guns , " political terror " and problems with neighbors.
According to the UN , Somalia is the worst humanitarian disasters in the world.

1. Afghanistan

3.44 GPI Score
U.S. troops invaded the country in 2001 , less than a month after the attacks of September 11 to seek Osama bin Laden , the Taliban take power and weaken the terrorist organization Al - Qaeda . However , efforts to pacify the country were unsuccessful.
The easy access to guns in the country and problems with neighbors were reasons that gave negative ratings to indicators.

Source: visionofhumanity.org


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