10 Companhias com Airbus A380 operacionais (até 2013)

10 Companies with Airbus A380 operating (until 2013)
There are already 10 companies operating the Airbus A380, 109 have been delivered to 10 of those customers.
Note: The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner. It is the world's largest passenger airliner; many airports have upgraded their facilities to accommodate it because of its size. Initially named Airbus A3XX, Airbus designed the aircraft to challenge Boeing's monopoly in the large-aircraft market; the A380 made its first flight on 27 April 2005 and began commercial service in October 2007 with Singapore Airlines.

1. Singapore Airlines
File:Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 woah!.jpg
First commercial flight: 25 October 2007
A380 operating: 19 unts

2. Emirates
A6-EDC Emirates Airbus A380-861 ILA 2012 01.jpg
First commercial flight: 1 August 2008
A380 operating: 36

3. Qantas
Qantas A380-800 VH-OQD SIN 2011-2-5.png
First commercial flight: 20 October 2008
A380 operating: 12

4. Air France
Air France A380 F-HPJA.jpg
First commercial flight: 20 November 2009
A380 operating: 9

5. Lufthansa
Lufthansa A380 D-AIMA-1.jpg
First commercial flight: 6 June 2010
A380 operating: 10

6. Korean Air
First commercial flight: 17 June 2011
A380 operating: 7

7. China Southern Airlines
China Southern Airlines A380 Kustov-1.jpg
First commercial flight: 17 October 2011
A380 operating: 5

8. Malaysia Airlines
Airbus A380-841, Malaysia Airlines AN2208844.jpg
First commercial flight: 1 July 2012
A380 operating: 6

9. Thai Airways International
First commercial flight: 27 September 2012
A380 operating: 4

10. British Airways
A380 & Red Arrows - RIAT 2013.jpg
British Airways' first Airbus A380, accompanied by the Red Arrows at 2013 Royal International Air Tattoo
First commercial flight: 2 August 2013
A380 operating: 1
Note: Delivered and currently on the route London-Frankfurt as unscheduled aircraft substitution for crew training. Scheduled entry in long-haul service on 24 September 2013 on the route London-Los Angeles.

Source: wikipedia.org researched by bestontop10


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