10 Principais nacionalidades na Legião Estrangeira

10 Main Nationalities of the Foreign Legion
10 Principale des Nationalités dans la Légion étrangère
This list is a plan of the Legion conducted in 1963 and establishing national origin over 600,000 legionnaires who served from 1831 to 1961. At one point , the main nationalities of origin of the foreign legion are closely correlated with current events at this time , the Legion to escape a lot of hassle for left behind a war or a system in trouble. This is why you see on this table a very strong majority of Germans (wide recruitment after the two world wars ), with a trend in recent years, about 1,000 recruits have committed a year , a quarter of recruitment taking place in Eastern Europe , the French representing only 10% to 15 % and Francophones between 20 and 25% ( the French are engaged in another French nationality , which increases the figures for Belgium and Switzerland in table).
The initial appointment of a legionary is a five-year contract : mandatory status as "single" , it can not claim to have a personal vehicle or to rent an apartment in his own name .
An official recruitment website has been set up and accurate recruitment conditions within the Foreign Legion. With regard to age limits , they are 17 1/2 years ( with parental consent ) to 40 years. A candidate can apply for French Foreign Legion expressing a foreign nationality upon his engagement.
Since the creation of the French Foreign Legion in 1831 , recruits could be brought under " declared identity " impersonation guaranteeing their anonymity. This measure, which " allowed to recruit people quickly without having to verify their identity and thus gave some people a second chance ," became routine in the 2000s , which deprived the legionaries many rights (underwriting of a loan , voting rights, the recognition of a marriage, a child , right of inheritance ) . Since September 2010, this provision is not mandatory but optional , the majority of recruits are now engaged in real identity .

1. German
File:Défilé de la Légion à Orange pour ses 40 ans de garnison.jpg
Staff (since 1963): 210.000

2. Italian
File:Camerone 2006.jpg
Staff (since 1963): 60.000

3. Belgian, French
File:Foreign Legion bugler Bastille Day 2008.jpg
Staff (since 1963): 50.000

5. Spanish
File:TE 2REI Afghanistan.jpg.JPG
Staff (since 1963): 40.000

6. Swiss
File:Challenge armement.jpg
Staff (since 1963): 30.000

7. Polish
File:Mortier 81 LLR 03.jpg.JPG
Staff (since 1963): 10.000

8. Russian
Staff (since 1963): 6.000

9. Austrian
File:Legionnaires 2REI progression.jpg.JPG
Staff (since 1963): 5.000

10. Hungarian, Greek, Czech
File:DLEM tir.JPG
Staff (since 1963): 4.000

18. Portuguese - 1.300
File:FRF2 Afghanistan.JPG

30. Brazilians - 155 (2005)
File:053 French Foreign Legion.JPG

31. Argentina - 100
File:Groupe combat zurb.JPG

Source: wikipedia.org and www.legion-recrute.com/fr/condition.php


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