10 Vídeos de 10 anos sem Johnny Cash

10 Videos for 10 years without Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash died 10 years ago, the September 12, 2003, but is far from forgotten.
Johnny Cash farewell to the world at age 71, victim of diabetes, although the world has not yet fired him.
Note: My tribute to this singer unforgettable and unique voice.

1. "God's Gonna Cut You Down" (a tribute to the 10 years of his death)
Between the returns to the music of American account is also the video "God's Gonna Cut You Down", which brings together 36 artists and avowed fans. Bono, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, Brian Wilson and Patti Smith are some of them.

2. Johnny Cash - Bonanza

3. Johnny Cash - Burning Ring of Fire

4. Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

5. Johnny Cash - Hurt

6. Johnny Cash - Walk the Line

7. Johnny Cash - Goin' by the Book

8. Johnny Cash - Man in Black

9. Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time

10. Johnny Cash - Deliah's Gone


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