10 + 2 Maiores produtos do Mercado Negro (por Valor)

10 + 2 largest Products of the Black Market by Value
Listed below is the rankings of products, security threats and vulnerabilities originating from the black market. The estimated impact of the threats listed in the index is based upon open sourced documents. Data is collected from international organizations, intelligence and security agencies, academic reports and the news media.

Notes: The threats and vulnerabilities listed below make up half of the estimated world black market value.
** Values for Corruption, and Money Laundering are not included in this index due to its overlapping nature.

1. Counterfeit Drugs

$200 Billion

2. Prostitution

$187.17 Billion

3. Counterfeit Electronics

$169 Billion

4. Marijuana

$141.80 Billion

5. Illegal Gambling

$140 Billion

6. Cocaine

$85 Billion

7. Prescription Drugs

$72.5 Billion

8. Heroin

$68 Billion

9. Software Piracy

$63 Billion

10. Cigarette Smuggling

$50 Billion

11. Counterfeit Foods
$49 Billion

12. Counterfeit Auto Parts
$45 Billion

Source: http://www.havocscope.com


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