10 + 3 Criaturas mais assustadoras dos videojogos

10 + 3 Creatures scariest game
With Halloween fast approaching, we present a list of characters or more enemies that terrorized the players throughout history. 
And the more scary ..... better.
Here are some of the creatures that gathered more chills and nightmares caused the players in various platforms. There mandatory attendance, but also some surprises that will arouse curiosity.

Ficheiro:Parental Advisory label.svg
Parental Advisory Disturbing Image, 
recommend caution.

10. Nihilanth (Half Life)

9. Slashers (Dead Space)

8. Asphyxia (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

7. Alma Wade (F.E.A.R)

6. Berserkers (Gears of War)

5. Gatherers (Amnesia)

4. Chainsaw Guy (Resident Evil 4)

3. Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4)

2. Regenerators (Resident Evil 4)

1. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

11. Nosalises (Metro 2033)
12. Nurse (Silent Hill 3)
13. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

 Source: http://gameover.sapo.pt


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