10 + 4 Passeios de Balão inesquecíveis pelo Mundo

10 + 4 Unforgettable Balloon rides around the World
Travel to new destinations, breathe different air and power to penetrate unpublished landscapes are some of the good things that anyone traveling to a destination full of beautiful places you can experience. But to do that aboard a balloon, can have a magnificent view straight from heaven, as the flight of a bird, can be even more exciting.

1. North Pole

Expeditions included for the first time in its menu of adventures for the Arctic region a balloon ride as part of a trip to the North Pole. The company claims it is the only tour operator that offers this experience, it depends on the weather conditions. However, those who want to be seen covered with ice will have to wait until next summer, when a new edition of the expedition will be held.

2. Bagan, Myanmar ( Burma )

To enjoy the best views of Bagan, the best place is heaven. The flights usually depart at sunset or at sunrise and take about an hour. Some tour operators include the balloon ride in his scripts, but the tourist can book directly with the company Balloons Over Bagan.

3. Cappadocia, Turkey

This region of Turkey is known for its caves and underground attractions, but the view captured from above is as appealing as a walking tour. Many companies offer this tour, but make sure you are hiring a licensed company.

4. Serengeti, Tanzania

A balloon ride this region offers a real prospect that makes up the vast Serengeti ecosystem. The annual migration of wildebeest, when huge herds run in search of food and fresh water, is the perfect time to experience this adventure.

5. Outback, Australia

The balloon is a great way to travel the most remote and deserted areas of Australia. Numerous companies, offer tours for lovers of this type of ride.

6. Dubai

Dubai, the balloon ride presents tourists with a landscape composed of dunes, green oases and camels that roam the desert. The Balloon Adventures Emirates , licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority, offers tours leaving Al Ain, which is an hour drive from Dubai.

7. Gstaad, Switzerland

For a trip through the Swiss Alps, with a beautiful view of the snow-capped peaks, the best time is January, when the International Balloon Festival colors the sky. The company Alphine Ballooning offers outputs in both winter and summer.

8. Loire Valley, France

This tour offers a view composed of more than 800 castles and houses situated between idyllic vineyards, fields and crystal clear rivers. Among the various operators that offer walking, France Montgolfières past popular spots as the Chateau de Chenonceau, Blois and Château de Chaumont.

9. Istria, Croatia

This is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, which includes deep valleys, hills, wheat fields and lush vineyards near the sea. The balloon rides are popular between September and October, when the weather cools.

10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A great opportunity to see the temples on site, plus a beautiful setting of the sun from one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

11. Queenstown, New Zealand
This is a paradise for hunters of strong emotions, who enjoy activities such as bungee jumping and sky diving. For those who want something more serene , the site also offers activity: the balloon ride provides a view of the landscapes that inspired director Peter Jackson to choose New Zealand as a backdrop for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

12. Monument Valley , USA
The plateaus in the region are even more beautiful when seen from the sky, and many companies offer tours. The Napa Valley, California, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and the Black Hills in Dakota, points are also popular. To know them, you can opt for the company acknowledged Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

13. Luxor, Egypt
The balloon rides are popular in the region and offer views of the temples and the Nile River. After an accident in 2009, when 16 tourists were injured, security rules have become more stringent. Make sure that you are opting for an accredited operator.

14. Wadi Rum, Jordan
Many tour operators, including Abercrombie and Kent, including balloon rides in packages to Jordan. The desert of Wadi Rum is known for landscapes battered by time and spectacular rock formations.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk


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