10 Países Menos visitado do Mundo

10 Least Countries visited the World
Where are you planning to go on vacation? Most people immediately think of the most famous countries such as United States , France and Spain , which together receive more than 200 million visitors per year.

On the other hand , there are countries that - for reasons of isolation, internal conflicts or lack of interesting things to do - can only attract 200 tourists annually . You know what ? Based on 2012 data from the UN and the World Bank.
Discover below if there are reasons to choose any of them as your next travel destination .

10. Comoros ( 19,000 tourists a year)
Comoros is a republic consisting of islands that lie between the east coast of Africa and the island of Madagascar. In addition to the remote location , the country has poor tourism infrastructure and is not served by many airlines . Travel guides warn that the islands are infested with malaria-carrying mosquitoes .

What 's good about it ?
Friendly people , delicious seafood , beautiful historical buildings and an idyllic coastline.

9. Moldova ( 11,000 tourists a year)
Moldova biggest wine cellars.jpg
Moldova is the only European country to join the list of 10 least visited countries in the world . Besides being the poorest , also has the worst Human Development Index of the continent . The subsoil is rich in minerals, causing the economy depends heavily on agriculture , mainly of fruit , wine and tobacco .

What 's good about it ?
The wine routes in the country are very interesting . Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction are mines Cricova , a complex underground tunnel which houses the largest winery in the world with over 120 km of corridors for storing wines .

8. Sao Tome and Principe ( 8,000 tourists per year)
File:Equator Sao Tome.jpg
Sao Tome and Principe is a former Portuguese colony that is part of the Gulf of Guinea on the West African coast . Despite the remote location and few people have heard of, the country has great potential for tourism and there is no record of major problems as in other African countries . There are even direct flights from Lisbon .

What 's good about it ?
There are beautiful beaches to mountains and scuba diving to hiking trails and inviting . The island has a relaxed lifestyle with beautiful fishing villages and delicious cuisine .

7. Turkmenistan ( 8,000 tourists per year)
Türkmenbaşy şäheriň halkara aeroporty.JPG
Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country that borders with Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan , Afghanistan and Iran is a former Soviet republic that lives one of the most repressive regimes in the world - second only to North Korea . You need to explain the reason for the country to attract tourists so few ?

What 's good about it ?

Perhaps the "Door to Hell" is the best known tourist attraction . It is a crater in Darvaza , over 60 feet in diameter and 20 meters deep . It is believed that it is on fire for at least 37 years!

6. Equatorial Guinea ( 6,000 tourists per year)
Malabo a 13-oct-01.jpg
Equatorial Guinea is a country in West Africa and one of the smallest nations on the African continent . The distribution of oil wealth is extremely unequal and the country has one of the worst human rights records in the world , with numerous cases of human trafficking .

What 's good about it ?
Despite being the only place in the Spanish-speaking Africa and have beautiful landscapes such as the island of Bioko , the small country is not unfriendly to tourists . The traveler can not take pictures of anything that is official , plus the need to obtain prior permission from the authorities to be able to visit some areas of interest.

5. Kiribati ( 5,300 tourists per year)
Abaiang top view.jpg
Kiribati is an island country in the middle of the Pacific sea that borders with Marshall Islands . The isolation of the country is not the only reason he is the fifth country least visited in the world : only has regular flights twice a week and since there is difficult and must be requested prior to the trip. Can you imagine how many consulates of Kiribati in the world ? In Europe , for example , there is only one which is in Wales .

What 's good about it ?
Due to your time zone ( UTC +15 ) , is the first country in the world to celebrate New Year's Eve . It has beautiful beaches and ideal for snorkeling , diving, fishing and water sports . There is only one restaurant and a taxi driver registered in the country .

4. Marshall Islands ( 5,000 tourists per year)
Laura beach n tree (170671778).jpg
Marshall Islands is a country of Micronesia , which gets in the way between Hawaii and Australia . Although the constitution of a republic and having achieved its independence in 1986 , is a " Freely Associated State " to the United States . The flights there are few and expensive , and some islands are uninhabitable due to intense and constant nuclear tests conducted by Americans .

The Bikini Atoll , belonging to the country joined the World Heritage list of UNESCO , with the aim of bringing to the world a message that is never repeated any nuclear experience .

What 's good about it ?
It is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling , with rich marine life and more than a thousand species of fish cataloged .

3. Tuvalu ( 1,200 tourists per year)
Ocean side Funafuti.jpg
Tuvalu is an archipelago in the South Pacific that form the fourth smallest country in the world. The small territory runs a serious risk of disappearing from the map , since it was found that the country will be the first to sink due to rising sea levels . In the last climate summit , the government tuvalense implored other countries to take urgent action to curb global warming and prevent the disappearance of the country .

What 's good about it ?
As one of the nation 's most remote and unknown , is certainly one of the best places to rest and get disconnected with the rest of the world . Being a small country and plan , do not expect major attractions besides the beautiful beaches with palm trees typical of a Pacific island.

2 . Somalia ( 500 tourists per year)
Somalia , a country in northeastern Africa , has been one of the most important trade centers of antiquity , mainly supplying myrrh , incense and spices . Currently the country is in complete collapse , with ineffective government , poor infrastructure and an ongoing civil war . It is therefore considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for tourist visitation .

What 's good about it ?
Although the government has returned to work after 22 years of instability and Turkish Airlines have begun to operate scheduled flights between Istanbul and Mogadishu , you better avoid the country for a while. One day , who knows , tourists will have the opportunity to know the beautiful beaches of the country , national parks and the few historic buildings that remained standing .

1. Republic of Nauru ( 200 tourists per year)
Aerial view of Nauru.jpg
Nauru , which is located in Oceania , is the world's smallest island nation , with 21 square kilometers and a population of just over 13,000 inhabitants . The small island ceased to be one of the richest nations in the world - in terms of per capita income - for a country on the brink of economic ruin . This condition is mainly due to its political class , which conveys a sense of utter hopelessness for his people .

What 's good about it ?
Despite the flora and fauna have been devastated by decades of exploitation of phosphate ore , there are small beaches with beautiful coral reefs and signs of vegetation that are beginning to appear within the island . There are two hotels , a bar and no ATM. The airline was recently reactivated Nauru , which may make some curious travelers visiting the small island nation in the coming years .

Source : http://www.suacidade.com/


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