10 Bandeiras similares de Nações do Mundo

10 Similar Flags of Nations in the World
Although the national flag is meant to be a unique symbol for a country, many pairs of countries have highly similar and thus easily confusable flags.

Examples of flags that only vary in color shade, ratio or orientation are:
1. Romania - Chad (shade of blue)
Flag of Romania.svg

Flag of Chad.svg

2. Indonesia - Monaco (ratio)
Flag of Indonesia.svg
Flag of Monaco.svg

3. Netherlands - Luxembourg (shade of red and blue)
Flag of the Netherlands.svg

Flag of Luxembourg.svg

4. Ireland - Ivory Coast (reverse and ratio)
Flag of Ireland.svg

Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg

5. Mali - Guinea (reverse and shades)
Flag of Mali.svg

Flag of Guinea.svg

Examples of flags that are similar except for the coat of arms:
6. Andorra - Moldova - ( Romania -  Chad)
Flag of Andorra.svg

Flag of Moldova.svg

Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Romania.svg

7. Slovakia - Slovenia - ( Russia )
Flag of Slovakia.svg

Flag of Slovenia.svg

Flag of Russia.svg

8. Egypt  - Iraq - ( Yemen )
Flag of Egypt.svg

Flag of Iraq.svg

Flag of Yemen.svg

9. Ecuador -  Colombia - ( Venezuela )
Flag of Ecuador.svg

Flag of Colombia.svg

Flag of Venezuela.svg

10. Mexico - Italy
Flag of Mexico.svg

Flag of Italy.svg

Source: wikipedia.org


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