10 Cópias Chinesa de carros

10 Chinese Copying Car design (Copycat Cars)
10 Chinese Copy Cars design
"Any similarity is purely coincidental." 
Several Chinese car makers have been accused of copying designs of other companies.
Some cars may look similar to those of other brands including Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche.
"When there is no capacity to do,do a copy."

1. BYD S8 - BYD

Mercedes-Benz CLK - Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz CLK.jpg
For example, the BYD S8 bears similarity to the Mercedes CLK from the front, and the Renault Megane CC or third generation Chrysler Sebring convertible from the rear.

2. JAC 4R3 - JAC Motors

Ford F-150 - Ford

3. Shuanghuan SCEO - Shuanghuan Auto


It is similar to other well-known models such as the Toyota Land Cruiser inside and at the front end, the BMW X5 at the rear end, the BMW X3 at the sides. Its badge is very similar to SsangYong's. Its design was the cause of many disputes when the company wanted to show it at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007.

4. Chery QQ - Chery
Chery QQ Ph.JPG

Daewoo Matiz - GM Daewoo
Daewoo Matiz.jpg
In June, 2003, General Motors, a U.S. company, sued Chery, accusing the Chinese manufacturer of copying the first generation Daewoo Matiz (developed by GM Korea) with the design for the Chery QQ. General Motors then went on to accuse Chery of using a Matiz in a crash test for the Chery QQ.

5. Geely Merrie 300 - Geely Automobile

Mercedes C Mercedes-Benz

6. Great Wall Peri - Great Wall Motor

Fiat Panda - FIAT
Fiat Panda 2005 vl blue.jpg
Fiat company has claimed that a Great Wall A-segment car, the Peri (Jing Ling in China), is a copy of its 2nd-generation Fiat Panda.
A 2008 Italian Turin court ruling substantiated the claim stating that the Great Wall Peri, “doesn’t look like a different car but is a [Fiat] Panda with a different front end.”

7. Hongqi HQD - FAW Car Company

Rolls-Royce PhantomRolls-Royce

8. Shuanghuan Noble - Shuanghuan

Smart ForTwo - Mercedes-Benz
Smart ForTwo Passion.jpg
The Shuanghuan Noble has caused numerous controversies, with Mercedes-Benz even filing a lawsuit against Shuanghuan because of its similarities with the Smart Fortwo. Mercedes-Benz also persuaded the Italian court to prohibit the car from being exhibited at the Bologna Motor Show, but the Shuanghuan Noble car was put on display anyway.

9. Laibao SRV - Shuanghuan Auto
Shuanghuan Laibao S-RV 01 China 2012-08-09.JPG

Honda CRV - Honda

10. Great Wall Florid - Great Wall Motor

Toyota Vitz (Yaris hatchback) - Toyota

The Great Wall Florid is a subcompact car marketed by Great Wall Motor of China. Styling is suspected to be copied from the first generation Toyota ist (Scion xA), while the nose section is inspired by the second generation Toyota Vitz (Yaris hatchback).

And many others:...
...Dadi Shuttle -Dadi Auto vs Toyota Prado - Toyota

... Great Wall Haval H3 - Great Wall Motor vs Isuzu Axiom - Isuzu
One of the reasons for the comparatively low retail price of the Great Wall Haval H3 is that it is based heavily on older models by other manufacturers. The entry-level engine is the 4G64 2.4 litre gasoline inline-four supplied by Mitsubishi, the exterior resembles the Isuzu Axiom and the chassis is from a Toyota 4Runner.

... BYD F3 - BYD vs Toyota Corolla - Toyota
An anonymous staff member at Honda claimed that the BYD F3 was "a known copy" of the Toyota Corolla (with Honda Fit design cues).

... BYD F1 - BYD vs Toyota Aygo - Toyota
Another model too, the BYD F1, has been described by an industry observer as "a clear copy" - this one of the Toyota Aygo.

...Landwind X6 - Jiangling Motors vs Isuzu Wizard - Isuzu

Zonda A9 - Zonda Bus

Neoplan Starliner - NEOPLAN Bus GmbH

Bonus, LOGO:
Geely Logo vs Toyota Logo



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