10 Exemplos de Torre de Celular disfarçado

10 Example of cell phone tower disguised
In our ongoing quest for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, companies must erect cell phone towers across the world. While their presence often signifies coverage for our beloved phones, some people see them as eyesores that painfully stick out and ruin landscapes. To combat this, some companies have attempted to ‘disguise’ cell phone towers to better blend in with their surroundings. This initiative has resulted in varying levels of success.
What do you think of these attempts at concealment? Do you prefer to just see a plain tower or do you support companies’ attempts to blend in with their surroundings as best as possible?

1. Cell Tower Cactus

2. Cell Tower Flag Pole

3. Cell Tower Fir Tree

4. Cell Antenna Concealed to Match Brick Exterior

5. Cell Tower as Sculptural Art

6. Cell Tower Church Cross
File:Finishing cross view.JPG

7. Church Bell Tower

8. Cell Tower Super Tree

9. Cell Tower Tree Trunk

10. Cell Tower Palm Tree

Trees are most common:


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