10 Razões para você conhecer CrowdProcess

10 Reasons why CrowdProcess can be a game changer
10 Reasons for you to know CrowdProcess (the biggest supercomputer)
What is CrowdProcess?
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CrowdProcess is a browser powered supercomputing which uses CPU idle capacity from people browsing the web to power highly scalable applications, enabling massive speed-ups and thus time savings. 
CrowdProcess connects with the browsers of people that are browsing the websites that join the platform.
It uses a small amount of the browsers processing power without disrupting the user experience in any way. 
CrowdProcess then make that browser-powered distributed processing power available to anyone with a good idea to push humanity forward.

1. Help environment

CrowdProcess uses CPU idle capacity, this means it optimizes the use of existing resources and therefore avoids further electricity expenses

2. Help solving the toughest challenges

Neuroscience research, cancer research among others, can accelerate the pace of innovation by using an easy to use supercomputer.  

3. Turn the internet into the biggest supercomputer

The number of computers browsing the web increases everyday, together we can turn the internet into a supercomputer.

4. Democratize the use of supercomputers

With CrowdProcess anyone can use a supercomputer, we make supercomputers easy to use for everyone, even if one doesn’t have a computer science degree.  

5. Big data means big processing power

With the increase amount of produced data, arises the need for greater computing power

6. New monetization model for websites

CrowdProcess shares revenues with partner websites, therefore a new monetization alternative arises for publishers.

7. User experience focus

Being (CrowdProcess) an alternative to ads monetization, websites can now make money without jeopardizing the user experience (everything runs inside the web worker and by definition it does not jeopardize the website loading or the CPU performance of a website visitor)

8. Donate without spending a dime

CrowdProcess gives you the opportunity to donate a resource you don’t use to sponsor initiatives you believe in without having to spend any money or time.

9. Open-source communities

CrowdProcess is built on top of Open-Source technologies. CrowdProcess team believes in Open Source and in its power to bring people and know-how together in a joint effort to push humanity forward.

10. It is fun

Using a supercomputer to explore new solutions and expand the frontiers of evolution, can be very fulfilling and fun.

Source: http://crowdprocess.com
 Join us: https://www.facebook.com/CrowdProcess


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