10 Universidades que produzem a maioria dos milionários do Mundo

10 Universities that producing most Millionaires in the World
Engineering degrees produce the most millionaires, the research finds, while MBAs, law, accounting, and finance also lead to financial success. To compile the list, WealthInsight went through a database of 70,000 dollar millionaires in more than 200 countries.

1. Harvard University, USA
Ficheiro:Harvard Logo.svg.png

2. Harvard Business School (HBS), USA
File:Harvard shield-Business.png

3. Stanford University, USA

4. University of California, USA
File:The University of California 1868.svg

5. Columbia University, USA

6. University of Oxford, UK

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
File:MIT Seal.svg

8. New York University (NYU), USA

9. University of Cambridge, UK
File:University of Cambridge coat of arms official.svg

10. University of Pennsylvania, USA
File:UPenn shield with banner.svg

Source: Spear’s magazine and WealthInsight

10 Most Popular Degrees for Millionaires
1. Engineering
2. MBA
3. Law
4. Economics
5. (Bachelor’s) Business administration  (BBA)
6. Commerce
7. Accounting
8. Computer science
9. Finance
10. Politics


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