10 Construções mais antigas do Mundo

10 Oldest Buildings in the World
This article attempts to list the oldest extant freestanding buildings constructed in the world. "Building" is defined as any human-made structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or continuous occupancy. In order to qualify for the list a structure must:
- be a recognisable building;
- incorporate features of building work from the claimed date to at least 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) in height;
- be largely complete or include building work to this height for most of its perimeter.

This consciously excludes ruins of limited height and statues. The list also excludes:
- dolmens—a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal capstone—unless they were originally covered over to form a barrow and used for collective burials. (Neolithic dolmens are extremely numerous, with over 1,000 reported from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany alone.)
- cairns which are simply large piles of loose stones (as opposed to chambered cairns.)
Dates for many of the oldest structures have been arrived at by radiocarbon dating and should be considered approximate.

1. Barnenez (France)
File:Barnenez front2.jpg
First Built: 4850 BC
Use: Passage grave
Located in northern Finistère and partially restored. According to André Malraux it would have been better named ‘The Prehistoric Parthenon’. The structure is 72 m long, 25 m wide and over 8 m high.

2. Tumulus of Bougon (France)
File:Bougon F1.jpg
First Built: 4700 BC
Use: Tumulus
A complex of tombs with varying dates near Poitiers, the oldest being F0.

3. Tumulus Saint-Michel (France)
File:Tumulus Saint-Michel (2).jpg
First Built: 4500 BC
Use: Tumulus
The tumulus forms what is almost an artificial hillock of more than 30,000m3 (125m long, 60m wide and 10m high).

4. Knap of Howar (Scotland)
First Built: 3700 BC
Use: House
Oldest preserved stone house in north west Europe.

5. Ġgantija (Malta)
File:Ggantija Temples (1).jpg
First Built: 3700 BC
Use: Temple
Two structures on the island of Gozo. The second was built four centuries after the oldest.
File:English map of Ggantija temples.tif

6. West Kennet Long Barrow (England)
File:WKLB Eingang DB.jpg
File:WKLB Mittelgang DB.jpgFile:WKLB Nordkammer DB.jpg
First Built: 3650 BC
Use: Tomb
Located near near Silbury Hill and Avebury stone circle.

7. Listoghil (Ireland)

First Built: 3550 BC
Use: Passage Tomb
At the centre of the Carrowmore passage tomb cluster, a simple box-shaped chamber is surrounded by a kerb c.34m in diameter and partly covered by a cairn. It has been partly reconstructed.

8. Sechin Bajo (Peru)
File:Sechin casma valley.JPG
First Built: 3500 BC
Use: Plaza
The oldest known building in the Americas.

9. La Hougue Bie (Jersey)
File:IMG 2446 La Hougue Bie Entrance Jersey august 2006.JPG
File:IMG 2448 La Hougue Bie End of corridor Jersey august 2006.JPGFile:IMG 2450 La Hougue Bie Looking from the back to the Entrance Jersey august 2006.JPG
First Built: 3500 BC
Use: Passage grave
An 18.6 metre long passage chamber. The chapel above is medieval.

10. Midhowe Chambered Cairn (Scotland)

First Built: 3500 BC
Use: Tomb
A well preserved example of the Orkney-Cromarty type on the island of Rousay.

Source: wikipedia.org


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