10 Animais que mais Dormem do Mundo

10 Animals that most Sleeps in the World

10. Bufo
Ficheiro:Bufo viridis (Marek Szczepanek).jpg
Sleeps about 14 hours a day.

9. Sloth
File:MC Drei-Finger-Faultier.jpg
Sleeps about 14 hours a day.

8. Squirrel

Sleeps about 15 hours a day.

7. Shrew
Ficheiro:Blarina carolinensisPCSL20933B.jpg
Sleeps almost 16 hours.

6. Tiger

Before you hunt have to put on my sleep. Are close to 16 hours in the "mange".

5. Night monkey

Sleep 17 hours per day.

4. Python

Hunting for 6 hours and passes the remaining 18 to make digestion while you sleep.

3. Possum

Also sleeps 18 hours. The remaining six walks to escape the snakes and other predators.

2. Armadillo

It coils about his body and is more than 18 hours of sheer laziness.

1. Bat

Legs in the air takes 20 hours sleep.


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