10 + 2 Cidades separatistas pró-Rússia na Ucrânia

10 + 2 pro-Russian separatists Cities in Ukraine
Several cities in eastern Ukraine have been the scene of clashes between anti and pro-Russian activists. In many of them, city halls and police stations were taken by militiamen who advocate the annexation of the region to Russia, as has happened with the Crimea.
Learn what are the cities affected by pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine, until April 15, 2014.

1. Donetsk
The outlet of the building of the regional government of Donetsk and the subsequent declaration of a "Republic of the people of Donetsk" on April 6 fomented separatist actions that have spread to neighboring cities.
Men dressed in uniforms of Berkut - the dreaded Ukrainian police squad that was divided after the fall of President Viktor Yanukovych - who make up the ranks currently occupy the local police station.
With approximately one million inhabitants, Donetsk part of the economic center of the country and includes the so-called "rust belt" of Ukraine, with their metallurgical industries.
What happens in Donetsk will be crucial to the success or failure of the attempt to unite the region to Russia. The city was founded in 1869 by Welsh businessman John Hughes, who explored coal mines and founded a steel plant. Both industries persist to this day.
The city is also known by the international projection of its football team, Shakhtar Donetsk's, one of the two big clubs in the country, next to Dynamo Kyiv. Shakhtar has had a constant presence in the European Champions League. It is funded by billionaire Rinat Akhmetov's mining sector.

2. Sloviansk
File:Слов'янська міська рада.jpg
One of the biggest sources of tension, Sloviansk, in the Donetsk region, had several public buildings, including the police station, seized by pro-Russian militia. Since then, the separatists declared to be part of a "People's Republic of Donetsk".
Like many other cities in eastern Ukraine, Sloviansk has its economy based on heavy industry and a population of about 115 thousand inhabitants. The town is aa 100km Donetsk, the administrative center of the region, and only 15 miles from Kramatorsk where public buildings were also taken by armed men pro-Russian.

3. Druzhkivka

Druzhkivka, town of 60 000 inhabitants, near Sloviansk. Like many other industrial cities in eastern Ukraine, has been suffering decline since the end of the Soviet Union.

4. Yenakiyevo
File:Стадион «Металлург» (Енакиево).jpg
Hometown of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, Yenakiyevo is 50 miles from Donetsk, the administrative center of the region. With 185,000 inhabitants, the city has industrial coal, metallurgical, steel and chemical industries that comprise the Metinvest, the largest group of the country's mining mines. Russian and called "People's Republic of Donetsk" flags were hoisted on public buildings.

5. Horlivka
File:Horlivka Cathedral, November 2013.tif
Horlivka, a town 20 km northwest of Yenakiyevo. The mining and chemical industry are the main economic activities of the site, which still houses a chemical plant into disuse and extremely dangerous.
Also known as Gorlovka, the city of about 260 thousand inhabitants has socioeconomic partnerships with the town of Barnsley, in northeast England.

6. Kramatorsk
Ficheiro:Kramatorsk train station.jpg
Representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) argue that military appearance and organization of the group indicate the involvement of Russian military. Kramatorsk is 70 kilometers north of Donetsk and has a population of about 165,000. The principal activities econoômicas industry and engineering, the site has included recently with a wind turbine factory.

7. Artemivsk

The City of Artemivsk was taken, and since then you can see the flag of the "Republic of Donetsk" flamulando on the building. Located about 80 kilometers north of Donetsk and with a population of less than 80,000 people, the city is famous for the salt mine Artyomsol, one of which is visited by tourists. The place has a great room that is sometimes used as a concert hall.

8. Kharkiv
File:Kharkov Freedom Square.jpg
While some cities have faced little resistance to being taken by separatist militias, Kharkiv has been the scene of clashes between pro and anti-Russian demonstrators.
Militiamen were able to seize public buildings, since then they have been trying to regain control of government buildings and have been repeated clashes in the city. With 1.5 million inhabitants, Kharkiv is the largest city in the east of the country and the second largest in Ukraine. Apart from a center of heavy industry, the city is also known for its football team, Metalist Kharkiv. The site is also a center for production of electronics, space industry and production tanks.

9. Makiyivka

With a population of 355 thousand people, Makiyivka in the steel industry has its main economic activity.

10. Khartsyzsk

Located 30 miles from Donetsk and population of 60 000 inhabitants, the local economy is based on heavy industry, and its main activity is the production of pipes.

11. Mariupol
Mariupol is on the north coast of the Azov Sea and just 50 miles from the border with Russia. Has a population of 465 thousand people and has anchored the economy in metallurgy, steel and machinery industry, in addition to planting grain.

12. Zaporizhya
Situated more to the west than other cities affected by the separatist movement, Zaporizhya has not been "fully" supported by actions of the pro-Russia.
Located on the Dnieper River, the city is the administrative center of the region of the same name, one of the largest in Ukraine, with a population of 770 thousand people. Industrial, but with a more diversified economy than other neighboring towns, also manufactures cars and aircraft engines.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk


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