10 Cidades que multam pessoas que jogam lixo para o chão

10 Cities that do fine people who throw garbage into the ground
Meet 10 of the cleanest cities in the world . Are large cities that do fine who throws trash on the ground - some may strongly penalize the infringement , including prison sentences.
If you travel to some of these cities, be careful, you can be fined for their bad habits.
(Until 2013)

1. Austin, USA
Austin is just one of the cities in Texas that provides for fines of up to € 390 to anyone who puts up two pounds of debris on the street. The garbage thrown to the ground enters this rule, and the penalty increases as the weight of the waste. If we are talking about commercial waste, the fine may be up to € 7,750.

2. Cape Town, South Africa
In Cape Town , the fines range from € 40 to € 800. In some cases, imprisonment of six months to two years for more serious situations may occur. The law states that it is illegal to shoot any type of garbage in public places or have public access, which includes streets and vacant properties.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
It is considered one of the cleanest cities in the world, being forbidden to spit in public, throwing garbage or cigarette butts to the ground.

4. Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is one of many global cities where there are fines for those who throw garbage on the streets. The city spends more than € 31 million each year, with the removal of debris and cleaning the streets. Fines range from € 150 euros and € 3000. 

5. Edinburgh, Scotland
Taking trash to the street in Edinburgh, could be worth a fine of € 58. If the fine is not paid the value increase and a report will be made to the procurator fiscal. 

6. Hong Kong, China 
This city does not forgive the trash. Throw it into the street or leave feces of animals in public places worth a fine of € 155. It is also forbidden to feed pigeons and other birds. 

7. London, England
It's another British city that imposes, since 2005, hard for those committing environmental crimes that degrade rules the streets. Throwing cigarette butts and chewing gum on the floor are included in this list.

8. Miami, United States
A state law requires a penalty for those who throw garbage on the streets of Miami. Fines range from € 40 to € 7,750. Oh, and the obligation to withdraw the trash. 

9. Paris, France
There is an advertising campaign in the streets of Paris, which warns citizens to fines of throwing trash on the ground. Payments can go up to € 65 ($ 175 value). 

10. Singapore
This is another city with heavy fines for those who throw garbage on the floor. The fine starts at € 235 and can go up to € 3,875. For some reason the city was once considered the cleanest in the world.


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