10 Versão do vídeo "Happy" de Pharrell Williams em 10 Países

10 Version Video to Happy by Pharrell Williams in 10 Countries
Project Happy 24-hour (We Are From)
Pharrell Williams has already co-written two of the stickiest singles of the year: “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.” It’s hard to imagine a more infectious song than either of those, but, in fact, there’s a contender and naturally it was written by the very same multi-multi-hyphenate. To mark the digital release of its animated film Despicable Me 2--Pharrell contributed original songs and themes--Universal Home Video greenlit an ingenious content marketing move: A 24-hour video of “Happy,” the film’s breakout song (and, if buzz is any indication, a likely nominee for Best Song at the upcoming Academy Awards). Too bad Pharrell can’t bottle the video because he’d add another pile to his fortune: It’s as cheering as an opiate and just as addictive.

Dubbed the world's first 24-hour video, it features a diverse cast of characters, including the artist and some famous friends, dancing along to the track. The video is presented as an interactive clock-- users can click specific "times," watching a few seconds of each performance or just Pharrell (his bits are indicated by the dots around the clock). Other interactive elements play with the 24-hour concept--comments, for example are time-stamped and linked to corresponding moments in the day-long dance, and they can be viewed in temporal order as an overlay to the video.

1. Cambodia - Kampot

2. Thahiti

3. Slovakia - High Tatras

4. United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

5. Spain - Seville

6. Poland - Gdynia

7. Senegal - Dakar

8. Morocco - Casablanca

9. Brazil - Curitiba

10. Kuwait - Kuwait City

No matter which country you are and the difficulties you encounter, always try to be happy.

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