10 Maiores Bugs de todos os tempos

10 Biggest Bugs of all time
Bugs are computer glitches, they usually cause much damage and confusion.
Bug is an international jargon used by professionals and connoisseurs programming, which means a logic error in a given software programming.

Year 2000 problem: The Year 2000 problem (also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or simply Y2K) was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits.

Year 2038 problem: The year 2038 problem may cause some computer software to fail at some point near the year 2038.

10. More serious than it seems...

On account of an alarm system, failed in 2003 the United States faced its biggest blackout, known as "The Great Northeast Blackout". In this incident, the entire northeastern lost power, releasing about 50 million people in the dark, which resulted in 11 deaths and a loss of $ 6 billion to the government.

9. Cars, many cars

In 2011, due to a defect programming system in their vehicles, Honda was forced to conduct the recall of 2.5 million cars. The problem is that the airbag was activated too hard and the wrong number, which could hurt the drivers in place to protect them, this operation cost millions of dollars to the company.

8. Seemed malware, but it was not

Incidentally, in 2009, a programmer at Google added a backslash for all URLs Mountain View giant that were directed to the company's search engine bar. Thus, the site has been flagged as malware worldwide for about an hour, causing a total loss of nearly $ 3 million.

7. Transit (very) bad

Due to a problem with one of your computers, justice of California just calling 1 200 people to work as a jury on the same day and at the same time. Thus, on the day in question, 2012, there was a massive traffic jam on one of the interstates that went to the local court.

6. Revolt of "rich"...

In 1992, Pepsi had a promotion that whoever took off the cap with the number 349 would win a handsome cash prize. However, a problem with the machines the company resulted in 800 000 caps with this numbering in the Philippines, generating the same amount of winners. The company claimed that it would not deliver the "wealth", causing a revolt of dissatisfied buyers.

5. Stress among gamers

Nine years ago, the developers of World of Warcraft launched a new virus within the game, called "Corrupted Blood". It turns out that this disease "pretend" spread of an unforeseen way, contaminating thousands of characters around the world and causing many people die unexpectedly and irritated with the game.

4. Scaring relatives

In 2002, the United States, a hospital called St. Mary's Mercy presented a serious problem in programming your system. Because of this, 8500 patients were declared dead, sending bills on account of death to relatives and also sending notifications to government and business.

3. Problems with radiation

From 1985 until 1987, U.S. hospitals were using a machine called Therac-25 radiation treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, this model had a problem in its software programming, exposing patients to 100 times greater than the recommended radiation intensity. Because of this, 6 people died due.

2. Nearly Bankrupting in minutes

The firm Knight Capital Group (KCG or just) works with some time investment. However, in 2012, they almost went bankrupt. All because a new software system was purchased for the company, which generated thousands of negotiations that could not be made. Thus, in just half an hour, the KCG lost $ 440 million and was in a very critical situation.

1. Simpler than it seemed

If the Third World War happened, many lives would be lost, right? Well it almost happened in 1979. Because all the defense systems of the U.S. found that the former Soviet Union was preparing a missile strike against the country, so that the Americans were about to begin an act of retaliation. However, before anything bad turned reality, it was identified that the case was nothing more than a simulation program started accidentally.

Source: Channel Alltime10s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN1uqm7tvPY # t = 99


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