10 Filmes com a mais alta contagem de mortos

10 Movies With the Highest Body Count
The following list gives the Top 10 films in terms of body count. Thanks to the hard work of people over at MovieBodyCounts.com, it is possible to rank films in terms of the number of people who drop dead. Of course, there are rules as to who can be counted and who can’t. People, monsters and creatures are all fair game. That means zombies, aliens and CGI characters are included in the body count tallies. Miscellaneous piles of bodies are not counted only definable individual bodies, on-screen kills or implied deaths where the character(s) most certainly die. On that happy note, on to the Top 10 Movies with the highest body counts.
Note: And if you thought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the deadliest movie, then you were wrong.

10. We Were Soldiers
Weweresoldiers poster.jpg
Body Count: 305
Misc: Strewn bodies on battlefield, pile of dead bodies (only distinguishable bodies included in body count)

by Characters:
Col. Hal Moore (Gibson): 15
Sgt. Maj. Plumley (Elliott): 7
Snakeshit (Kinnear): 5

9(b). Titanic

Body Count: 307
by Characters:
1st Officer Murdoch (Ewan Stewart): 3

Entire Film Breakdown:
"Iceberg, right ahead": 10
Swept Away: 2
"Your money can't save you": 3
Fight for Survival: 21
"This is where we first met": 28
Death of Titanic: 139
The Promise: 103
A Promise Kept: 1

8(a). Hard Boiled

Body Count: 307
by Characters:
Tequila (Yun Fat): 77
Alan/Tony (Leung):52

Teahouse: 44
Morgue Day: 4
Library: 1
Docks: 63
Chop Shop: 38
Boat: 5
Hospital Day: 3
Morgue Night: 3
Hospital Night: 146

7. Grindhouse: Double Feature
Body Count: 310
Fake Trailers:
Don't! (dir. Wright): 4 
Thanksgiving (dir. Roth): 7
Werewolf Women Of The SS (dir. Zombie): 2
Machete (dir.Rodriguez) 8 

Death Proof (dir. Tarantino): 8
Planet Terror (dir Rodriguez): 281

6. Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers.jpg
Body Count: 468
Humans - 52
Uruk-hai and Orcs- 391
Elves - 25

by Characters:
Aragorn's (Mortensen) kills: 20
Legolas' (Bloom) kills: 26
Gimli's (Rhys-Davies) kills: 14
Gandalf's (McKellen) kills: 2
Eomer (Urban) kills: 1
Haldir's (Parker) kills: 5
Theoden's (Hill) kills: 4
Faramir (Wenham) kills: 1
Pippin's (Boyd) kills: 1
Merry's (Monaghan) kills: 1

5. The Last Samurai
The Last Samurai.jpg
Body Count: 558
by Characters:
Cpt. Nathan Algren (Cruise): 41
Katsumoto (Watanabe): 26
Ujio (Sanada): 25
Silent Samurai "Bob" (Seizo Fukumoto): 15
Magojiro (Aoi Minato): 13
Nobutada (Koyamada): 11
Col. Bagley (Goldwyn): 4
Sgt. Gant (Connolly): 3

Blackfoot Flashback: 17
Fog Battle: 52
Cornered: 1
Honorable Death: 1
Ninja Attack: 48
Ronin: 4
Rescue: 31
Howitzers: 23
Volleys: 79
Field Battle: 160
Final Charge: 141
Perfect End: 1

4. Troy
Body Count: 572
Misc: thousands of dead bodies

by Characters:
Achilles (Pitt): 35
Hector (Bana): 14
Odysseus (Bean): 13
Ajax (Tyler Mane): 12
Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund): 9
Eudorus (Vincent Regan): 5
Paris (Bloom): 4
Agamemnon (Cox): 2

3. 300

Body Count: 600
Entire Film:  
- 600 including title animation
- 585 excluding title animation
(15 title, 585 kills/deaths/mortal hits within film)
Misc: 1 wolf, 1 rhinoceros, 3 elephants, baby bones, skulls of conquered kings, burning village, dead horses, persian ships sunk, Wall of the Dead - uncountable pile of hundreds of bodies (see guidelines), uncountable bodies strewn on killing fields, heads of executed generals.

by Characters:
Leonidas (as adult) (Butler): 30
Astinos (Wisdom): 25
Stelios (Fassbender): 23
Captain (Regan): 23
Dilios (Wenham): 5
Daxos (Pleavin): 5
Gorgo (Headey): 1

2. Kingdom of Heaven
Body Count: 610
Misc: thousands of dead bodies, dozens of dead horses.

by Characters:
Balian (Bloom): 40
Almaric (Velibor Topic): 6
Godfrey (Neeson): 3
Guy de Lusignan (Csokas): 3
Reynald de Chatillon (Brendan Gleeson): 1
Saladin (Massoud): 1

1. Lord of the Rings, Return of the King
Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King.jpg
Body Count: 836

Hobbits: 2
Humans: 147
Uruk-hai and Orcs: 524
Trolls: 2
Rohirim: 123
Sauthrons: 32
Nazguls: 6

Misc: Animals: 166 (not included in tally)

by Character:
Aragorn (Mortensen): 17
Legolas (Bloom): 11
Gandalf (McKellen): 11
Eowyn (Miranda Otto): 9
Merry (Dominic Monaghan): 7
Eomer (Urban): 6
Faramir (David Wenham): 5
Gimli (John Rhys-Davies): 5
Sam (Sean Astin): 4
Theoden (Bernard Hill): 3
Pippin (Billy Boyd): 2
Frodo (Wood): 1
Smeagol/Gollum (Andy Serkis): 1

Source: http://moviebodycounts.com/Top-Movies.htm


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