10 Apps para milionários

10 Apps for Millionaires
Some of them may also appeal to those who aren’t (yet) millionaires – so thankfully no one has a hefty price tag to download.

1. Forbes List (FREE)

The app version of Forbes’ well-known rich list. Find out which US millionaires and billionaires are ahead of you. Always intriguing, not matter how wealthy you are.

2. World’s Most Expensive Things (NOT FREE)

A fascinating and seductive list of the world’s most expensive cars, wine, food, jewellery, gadgets and more.

3. GS Research (FREE)

Goldman Sachs’ app gives the bank’s global research from 50+ global economies, updated daily as markets open. An essential tool for the thorough investor.

4. Sotheby’s Catalogue (FREE)

Take a detailed view of auction lots you might want to bid for, from afar. The interactive app allows you to take a 360 view of current exhibits and view video commentary from Sotheby’s specialists.

5. Luxury Hotels of the World (FREE)

This app recommends 100 unique, global hotels for the discerning traveller. You can view extensive image galleries; search geographically; and take a detailed look at each hotel’s location and amenities.

6. PrivateFly (FREE)
PrivateFly iPad app
Even the private jet traveller wants a great deal. PrivateFly’s app provides instant, market-leading jet hire prices, for any global trip, from a network of 7,000+ aircraft.
See specs and images of aircraft inside and out; and the ‘Jet Me Home’ button gives instant options from the user’s current location to their home airport – useful for getting home in a hurry. For those on a budget, latest empty legs give one-way flight prices for up to 75% off the usual rate.

7. evo Interactive (FREE)

Experience the thrill of test-driving Porsches, Ferraris, Aston Martins and Jaguars from your iPad. The sample is free, with monthly in-app updates for £2.99.

8. How to Spend It (FREE)

The Financial Times’ provides the authoritative retail guide for the discerning purchaser. The app version gives free access to over 80 issues of the magazine.

9. The Watch Enthusiast (NOT FREE)

A comprehensive app guide to designer watches, with over 10,000 photos of 2,000+ models by manufacturers including Rolex, Breitling and Omega. The app includes ratings to help you choose wisely.

10. My Monte Carlo (FREE)

An interactive guide to the exclusive European hotspot, covering the best casinos, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

Source: http://blog.privatefly.com/top-10-apps-millionaires


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