10 Perfumes famosos mais antigos do Mundo

10 Oldest and most famous perfumes in the World
List of famous perfumes ordered by year of birth.
The oldest and most famous perfume in the world, many of them still in circulation.

1. Fiori di Capri

Year: 1390
Company: Carthusia
Note: The oldest perfume in the world still in circulation.

2. Maris Lusitani

Year: 1513
Company: Real Sociedade Portuguesa de Perfumes
Perfumer: Gaspar Silva Lobo (1482-?)
Note: Still in circulation.

3. Santa Maria Novella
Acque di Colonia
Year: 1612
Company: Santa Maria Novella
Note: Still in circulation.

4. Farina Eau de Cologne

Year: 1709
Company: Johann Maria Farina
Perfumer: Johann Maria Farina (1685-1766)
Note: Johann Maria Farina was an Italian perfumer who created the first Eau de Cologne.
Note: Still in circulation.

5. Kölnisch Wasser

Year: 1714
Company: Farina gegenüber
Perfumer: Johann Maria Farina
Note: Still in circulation.

6. Royal English Leather
Royal English Leather
Year: 1780
Company: Creed
Note: Still in circulation.

7. Number Six

Year: 1789
Company: Caswell-Massey
Perfumer: Dr. William Hunter
Note: Still in circulation.

8. 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser

Year: 1792
Company: 4711
Perfumer: Wilhelm Muhlens
Note: Still in circulation.

9. Eau de Lubin

Year: 1798
Company: Parfums Lubin
Perfumer: Pierre François Lubin
Note: The company exists but the fragrance in question does not.

10. Gold Medal

Year: 1799
Company: Atkinsons
Note: Still in circulation.

11. Jean Marie Farina
Year: 1806
Company: Roger & Gallet

12. Freshman
Year: 1815
Company: Truefitt & Hill
Perfumer: Francis Truefitt

13. Lavender
Year: 1821
Company: Floris

14. Pot Pourri
Year: 1828
Company: Santa Maria Novella

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_perfumes


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