10 Países com forças militares estrangeiras

10 Countries With Foreign Military Forces
Forces militaries that recruit foreigners
This is a List of militaries that recruit foreign applicants. This includes any individuals who are not citizens of the nation state whose armed forces they are being recruited to join by professional recruiters. The foreigners need not be legal residents of that nation, but may gain legal residence status by joining the armed forces.

1. France (Légion étrangère)

French Foreign Legion - Recruits from throughout the world.
Foreign force better known in the world.

2. Spain (Legión Española, La Legión or colloquially El Tercio)

Spanish Armed Forces - Spain recruits citizens of ex-Spanish colonies (except Puerto Rico and the Philippines). Citizens of Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay or Venezuela may enlist in the Spanish Legion (except as submarine personnel) with temporary/permanent residence or acquired Spanish citizenship.
In the 2000s (decade), after the abandonment of conscription, the Spanish Army again accepted foreigners from select nationalities. Male and female native Spanish speakers, mostly from Central American and South American states, were included. Recruits were required to have a valid Spanish residence permit. However, promotion prospects for foreigners were reported to be limited.

3. Russia

The Russian Armed Forces are accepting foreigners of any country to their ranks. Under a plan, posted on the ministry’s web site in 2010, foreigners without dual citizenship would be able to sign up for five-year contracts – and will be eligible for Russian citizenship after serving three years. According to the amended law, a citizen of any foreign country aged 18–30 with a good command of Russian and a clean criminal record can now sign an initial five-year contract to join the Army.

4. Australia
A group of men wearing camouflaged military uniforms and carrying guns walking through bushland
Australian Armed Forces - They routinely recruit Permanent Residents to serve in the military. A willingness to apply for citizenship is a requirement. In certain areas of the defence, especially sensitive work that involves collaboration with ASIO or ASIS, citizenship is a requirement.

Soldats luxembourgeois.jpg
Luxembourg Army - Any citizen of a country of the European Union who has resided in Luxembourg for at least thirty-six months and is at least eighteen years old but not yet twenty-four is eligible to join the army.

United States
United States Joint Service Color Guard on parade at Fort Myer
United States Armed Forces - Permanent Residence/Green Card. Many have also served in the war zones and have received US citizenship after a period of service.

Citizens of Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands may also join the US armed forces under the Compacts of Free Association, though some officer positions may be restricted.

Canadian born Native Americans/First Nations may also join the US armed forces if they are of at least 50% blood quantum.

Additionally, under the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program, skilled foreigners such as translators may be recruited as needed, along with, as of September 2014 illegal immigrants with clean records and who have graduated high school if they were brought to the United States as children.

Congress reserves the right to allow other enlistment requirement exemptions as needed.

7. Belgium

Belgian Armed Forces - Any citizen of a country of the European Union is eligible to join the forces.

Vatican City

Vatican City's sole armed forces, The Swiss Guard, is made up entirely of Swiss Catholics, however Swiss Guards are granted Vatican citizenship while they serve.
Currently, the name Swiss Guard generally refers to the Pontifical Swiss Guard of the Holy See stationed at the Vatican in Rome. The Papal Swiss Guard has a bodyguard-like role. Recruits to the guards must be Catholic, single males with Swiss citizenship who have completed basic training with the Swiss military and can obtain certificates of good conduct. Recruits must have a professional degree or high school diploma and must be between 19 and 30 years of age and at least 174 cm (5 ft 8.5 in) tall.

SSR Patrol.jpg
Danish Defense Recruiting Service- only receives applicants foreign already living legal in Denmark.

Spotter 2 (4815974122).jpg
Irish Defence Forces - Nationals of the European Economic Area member states of the European Union along with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Others countries:
The forces in Bahrain have a handful of other Arabs and Pakistanis serving within them. This has also recently become a topic of debate; there are many Bahrainis who are not happy with foreigners following government orders to quash any Bahraini protests, especially during the Arab Spring.

Indian Army - Recruits Nepalese and Bhutanese citizens, and the refugees from Tibet who intend to permanently settle in India. Persons of Indian descent (including those holding PIO or OCI permanent residency paperwork) are not permitted to join the Defence forces or any other Government department.

Israel Defense Forces - Israel recruits non-Israeli Jews—and non-Jews with at least one Jewish grandparent—through the Mahal and Garin Tzabar programs.

Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince and the Corps des Sapeurs-Pompiers - Recruits Frenchmen, as well as native Monegasques.

Norwegian Armed Forces - By agreement between the two countries Icelandic citizens are accepted.
Canadian Forces - It is reported that Royal Canadian Air Force hires foreign pilots to fly front-line military aircraft on operational capacity.

Pakistan has special regiments for Palestinians and other Arab nationals that undergo training within the country.

Singapore has always made use of Gurkhas to help with special military and police roles. During the colonial days, many soldiers where brought to Singapore from other British colonies. Second-generation male permanent residents are bound by Singapore's conscription laws to the same extent Singaporean citizens are, and therefore must do the standard active and reserve service in the military, police, or civil defense force.

United Kingdom
British Armed Forces - The British Army has continued the historic practice of recruiting Gurkhas from Nepal to serve in special Gurkha units. The Gurkhas are selected and recruited in Nepal, and are expected to keep their Nepali citizenship throughout the length of their service. From 2013, all Commonwealth citizens except for those from Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta must have resided for 5 years in the UK before being allowed to join.

United Arab Emirates
There are people from other Arab or nearby Muslim countries, who have served in the UAE, mainly in non-uniformed positions. This was mainly after independence from the UK in 1971, when the UAE government was still evolving. Prior to that, the UK stationed their own troops and equipment in the region (known as the Trucial States).


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