10 Pratos típicos de 10 países do mundo

10 Typical Dishes from 10 Countries of the World
Before traveling to any country, find out which is your best typical dish and mark a gastronomic tour!
The cuisine is so important to the cultural landscape of any nation which is defined as a tourist attraction by itself. Travel abroad and to prove at least one typical dish visited destination is to return home with an incomplete trip.

For you not commit this faux pas, we listed 10 most famous dishes in the world. So, you already know what should be part of your menu / script when you are leaving soon for any of these countries.

1. Pot-au-feu, France

Pot-au-feu mean pot on the fire and cooking language can be presented as pot roast. We also have our meat cooker and various supplements, but in France, the recipe has a special flavor because it is made with typically French ingredients and in a unique way.
The beef stew is accompanied by root vegetables and spices. Traditionally, cooks sift the broth to serve it separately from meat.

2. Ackee and Salt Fish, Jamaica

The history of the ackee is directly related to the period of slavery in Jamaica, which does not prevent Jamaicans to be proud of the fruit. The nutritious fruit, which has a buttery taste nut is cooked and is similar with respect to scrambled eggs, once ready. To prepare his most famous traditional dish, cooks Jamaican refogam the ackee with codfish tanned with salt, onion and tomato. Depending on the restaurant, it can be accompanied by cassava cakes with fried plantains.

3. Bulgogi, South Korea / North Korea

Also means Bulgogi fire meat and is formed by a plate noble thin slices of meat cuts, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, onion, ginger, sugar and wine. Finally, the meat is grilled. It is usually served wrapped with lettuce leaves or spinach and accompanied by kimchi (fermented pickles).

4. Goulash, Hungary

The original recipe may have been created in 1800 when the Hungarians sought symbols of national identity to differentiate themselves from their partners in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thus it was born this juicy stew filled with meat, vegetables, red onions and spices. The special goulash touch is the use of slowly cooked meat with cinnamon and pinch of other delicacies such as paprika.

5. Wiener Schnitzel, Austria

Much like the breaded steak, the most traditional dish of Austria is prepared with the finest ingredients and served fresh. The breaded veal cutlets are the hammer and lightly fried. Austrians generally eat Wiener Schnitzel garnished with parsley and lemon slices, along with potato salad.

6. Yorkshire Pudding, England

Although kitchen increasingly cosmopolitan of England, Yorkshire pudding remains the menu of the protagonist in the British Sunday lunches. The name is a tribute to the city where he grew up, many years ago, in order to ensure sustenance to the main course of those who could not afford to buy much meat. Today, it is common to be accompanied by meat pudding, roast potatoes and other vegetables. And unlike the Brazilian pudding, the salty and Yorkshire is prepared from a mixture of milk, eggs and wheat flour. How arose at a time of scarcity, its original recipe enjoyed the fat and the sauce of roast beef.

7. Irish Stew, Ireland

Another stew for our list. The Irish Stew or simply Irish stew is a thick broth of boiled mutton with onion, potato and parsley. In kitchens that do not follow to the letter the original ingredients of the first recipe, preparation includes other vegetables such as carrots, and many cooks start cooking the meat, then add the other ingredients.

8. Paella, Spain

The most famous traditional dish of Spain is undoubtedly the Paella. Resembles a risotto, originally prepared with rice, olive oil and saffron. After gaining fame in the country's coast, revenue was increased with ingredients for seafood based, such as shrimp, squid, mussels and octopus. Depending on the region where it is prepared, the dish may still have pieces of chicken, pork and lots of pepper.

9. Locro, Argentina

Much sought after by tourists who want to sample the best of Argentine cuisine, Locro is a typical dish from other Latin countries, such as Peru and Ecuador. The stew is prepared with pumpkin, beans and corn and has pieces of meat and herbs as a supplement.

10. Portuguese Stew, Portugal

Portuguese stew is a traditional Portuguese dish. It is a delicacy comprised of a myriad of vegetables, cooked meats and sausages.
With respect to plants, they can be cooked beans, potatoes, carrots, turnips, cabbage and rice. In meat, you can have chicken, pork ribs, pork streaky, pig's ear, pig chispe and beef from different parts. The sausages, the meat are typical sausage, the sausage, black pudding and blood sausage. All these ingredients make up a very hearty dish, ideal for winter cold weather.
How to prepare and the combination of ingredients vary slightly from region to region, although a dish that can be found throughout Portugal. Canal Caveira is an example of a location in the Alentejo region whose tradition the preparation of the Portuguese stew, with several restaurants by the road where you can enjoy it.

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